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Why is Dera Sachcha Sauda leader in Jail?

Dera Sachcha Sauda Chief Ram Rahim has been in news for raping two of his followers. A huge fan following created a riot like situation in Punjab and Haryana states of India in August 2017 after the court gave its verdict against a spiritual leader Gurmeet Singh. The first Question comes in mind,- Who is Gurmeet Singh?  
 Who is RamRaheem or Gurmeet Singh?
#Ramraheem or Gurmeet Singh is Dera Sachcha Sauda Chief, Who has been a self claimed spiritual leader and a god like figure for some believers. However, the self claimed god man already launched a couple of Movies and some product in business.  He has been the head of the India-based socio-spiritual organization Dera Sacha Sauda since 23 September 1990. DSS oversees several social programmes, such as cleanliness campaigns, blood donation drives, tree planting, disaster relief, and support for transgender people.
What do believers think of him?
He is not guilty; a baseless letter has been the cause of putting the Ramraheem in Jail. This is injustice. He has been godlike figure, and protected so many prostitutes. He is a spiritual leader, social reformer, actor, director and singer, so it is impossible for him to commit the crime.
What is the truth?
The Rape allegations against Gurmeet Ram Raheem go back to 2002, when a Dera (Ram Raheem’s Ashram) Sadhvi ( A woman who lives to serve) wrote a letter to then PM Atal Bihari Bajpayee saying that she was rape several times and so her companions.
In letter, the victim elaborated that she tried to communicate but, people had so much faith that they would deny anything against Gurmeet Singh. Being famous spiritual celebrity with a morality tag, even if it does not exist, he could have killed the Sadhvi. So she wanted to be anonymous, but wanted a test to be conducted or a standard procedure to be followed so that the truth could come on the surface. In letter, the Sadhvi revealed her dilemma that people consider them Pure, but they are treated like prostitutes in Ashram and given the example of Lord Krishna’ who had Gopis for pleasing him.    
The Punjab and Haryana High court took sou motu – of its own accord and directed in May 2002 directed the District and Sessions Judge (Sirsa) to probe. However, the judge found that no one was willing to speak up.
The CBI examined 18 girls who had left the ashram, some of who said that the Dera chief, its management and his followers were “very dangerous people” and they feared for their lives if they spoke up.
It was in May-July 2006 that the CBI managed to convince two victims to share complete information. They gave a detailed account of what was happening inside the Dera chief’s rooms and what transpired to them in August 1999. One of them recorded her statement under Section 164 of the Cr.PC in March 2007.
 To get the whole copy of statement please CLICK ON THE link above, however. Since 2002, in August 2017, he was found guilty and awarded minimum 10 +10 years of jail.
Reaction of the crowd
The followers are psychological slaves often and too sentimental to understand justice. They denied evidence and ruling of the court. They protested heavily in Punjab and Haryana States, and partially Delhi was affected.  Section 144 was imposed, that meant no gathering or crowd. However millions of devotees took to the streets and harmed the public properties. They attacked on news crews.
 What has caused it? How can we move forward? - Rapists should get punishments, and the justice is evidence based process. Political parties use influence of such gurus who are doing welfare of people for namesake publicity. The spirituality tag should not be considered as the character certificate for someone.  Thanks to the CBI who took the case seriously and to the justice system that it did not show any mercy to such a criminal.
Second, I regretted about the opinion of the crowd and their reaction. They did not bother, what happened to other women who were shushed and never spoke. Were there only two victims? What about women rights verses blind faith?
These are endless worries which will bother a human being but not blind followers. Although, there has been a series of scams and rapes of women, murders against these spiritual Gurus, however, I think the crowd is infected with a virus of blindness. Our society needs to introspect about the path we are leading. 

- Team Seeker
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