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Women first: Prosperity for all

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Introduction: A woman holds the key to future but her role remains limited to household chores when it comes to developing Nations like - India. Not all women sit at home yet there is a lot more to do to provide them multi dimensional development.
Women Empowerment- Women empowerment refers to strengthen women's position in every aspect of social life as a well as - Social, educational, economical and Political.
As it has been said constantly by different big figures like head of IMF and Ivanaka trump, that women participation will enhance the GDP growth world wide.
There have been constant efforts of government of different nations, developing world and India however, there is a lot more to do.
 Indian Society and the Position of woman: Indian Society is filled with diversity. Culturally women is respected yet she is kept backward when it comes to economic activities. She is
not encouraged to work post marriage as man-centric society still dominates a huge segment of the Nation.
Efforts of Indian Government -
Indian government is trying to attract women to participate and come ahead. Due to various schemes the loans was made available to them. Gas connections, and home loans are given on concession when it comes to the women. Socially, with the help of various advertisements the women education is emphasized.
Global Entrepreneur Summit and its Importance for women
 The 8th edition of the global enterpreneurship held in hyderabad hosted by NITI ayog. The aim of the summit to encourage women participation and enhance their ability. Indian and american enterpreneur attended the summit .  It adresses the loop holes and bring the new ideas to boost women participation to balace the gender gap.