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Non Alignment Movement- Relevance

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What is non-aligned movement ?

Non aligned movement is an international organization, group of countries . who do not want to be officially aligned friends with or against any major country or group of countries. In2017 ,the movement had 25 countries and 17 observer countries.
The countries of non-aligned movement are nearby two thirds of the UNITED NATION’S member and 55% of the world population.

Why it was formed?
After the Second World War, the world was divided into two parts west and east led by U.S.A and USSR. And the cold war between them was started. At that time India who were (Was) newly independent of colonial rule and wanted to be in sovereign position. India decided not to join either of them alliances and to keep distance from them. Jawaharlal Nehru at the time was a PM of India who formed the idea of forming  an organization of these countries, especially those from Asia and Africa. This initiative was named as non-aligned movement .
It was aimed – to represent the socio political state of the third world, and protect the common interests, maintain peace, eradication of poverty, protection of culture, development and political interests of the number of countries. 
The objectives of this movement were largely based on the PANCHSHEEL principles signed by India and china in 1954. Nehru’s idea got support from various nations.
Foundation- the foundation for the movement was laid in the conference which took place in Bandung in April 1955. The principles of the organization were defined in the charter titled BANDUNG DECLARATION.

Why NAM losing its relevance?
Today as the world transitioned from bi-polar to multi-polar world. It is witnessing the rise of the new countries like china, India. Thus it is moving towards Multilateralism. Most of the nations today have strong economic and defense ties with either USA or CHINA . Emergence of new regional grouping like G20, BRICS , which have clearly laid down scope an objective of engagement and outcome overshadow

NAM  is going out of track and has changed its policies when the whole world needs the most peace, humanity and co-operation  with each others in various issues . NAM was to form more out of political, social and economic structure which hinders any cohesive action with their own set of interests. Not just NAM countries but the whole world are facing terrorism domestic political, social and economic crisis for India NAM’S lacks utility for protecting and promoting India’s security and interest.