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The crisis of healthcare in India

India has 1.25 billions of people. Most of the population depend upon the government for the treatment. There is a part of  people, who live in below poverty line- families, and most of them are unemployed or daily labourer. They are unable to afford the basic necessities, so medical  treatment remains far from their reach. Here comes a role of Indian government.  
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 Health care facilities are funded and controlled by Indian government. These facilities are divided into two parts-- State and Central.
However India faces some problems like inefficient administration, unaccountability of data, Improper implementation and planning, providing cost effective treatments, creating awareness etc. --  The administration should improve and more transparency in medical should come up. A major portion of money given by government for infrastructure development going into vein. Neither building improve nor the availability of beds. A more transparent and planned administration will strengthen the healthcare services.
Both state and central government should inspect the way of their working in public, and private sectors .
People suffer and die every year due to a large numbers of diseases. However, the number of death is  uncountable especially in rural areas. Enough data is not collected, so which disease caused death in which area, that remains a puzzle.
Unavailability of beds, overcrowding and mismanagement divert people away from government health care institutions, where private players exploit people due to their  high cost treatment. In fact recently a very famous hospital was accused of hiding death for charging high.
Many cases occur where death happens due to unawareness of  diseases.
Number of hospitals are limited in villages.
Its just not a responsibility of central government, State government should improve their health care system as well. Governments should be alerted and show concern on this complex issue of public health care.
Recently Karnataka state has taken steps to improve its health care services. Through UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE SCHEME,  it aims to provide free medical assistance. The Government intends to fix the rates for each class of treatment. Most importantly the Karnataka government  focuses to stop the practice of demanding advance payment in cases of emergency treatment.
To make medical treament more affordable private dispensary and clinic  should be open in small villages and in districts . Emergency treatments should be available. Ambulance facilities should be avaialable for 24/7.
Although government’s national scheme is working to reduce the burden of infectious and non-communicable disease however healthcare problems should be on the top priority for every state.