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The Future of the Congress: Indian Politics

Congress Party has been one among the oldest parties of India. It has dominated Indian Politics as well as produced some significant leaders. In recent decades, congress faced allegation of scams, corruptions and lack of transparency as well as leadership. Download free Android App
Sonia Gandhi Denied Prime Ministerial post in 2004, and assigned Manmohan Singh as a Prime Minister. He survived two terms as an Indian Prime Minister and then BJP won the Lok Sabha election of 2014. Since 2014 Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading India, and a series of unpleasant and controversial reforms have been going on.

International Organizations lauded reforms and supported the government decisions. India’s ranking has improved in various fields like Moody’s Ranking, Doing Business report, Logistic ranking etc.  However reforms are not that easy and some reforms are blamed to be unplanned which gave a reason to congress to criticise the government.

However, the congress is going to be led by Mr. Rahul Gandhi from December 2017. He has been trying to build an image on social media. The congress is blamed for dynasty politics by other political parties. 
However, Mr. Gandhi has to be a visionary, and have some agenda to be next prime ministerial candidate. His constant image remained as if he was uninterested in India politics, which he tried to improve. Merely, criticising present Prime Minister would not help Mr. Gandhi to win the next election; he should prove that he holds the material to be the prime minister of India.