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AIDS and its preventive measures taken by Indian Government.

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What is HIV-AIDS?
HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, which is our body’s natural defence against illness. The virus destroys a type of white blood cells in the immune system. AIDS is not virus but a set of symptoms covered by the HIV virus. The immune system gets too weak to fight the infections. In the last stage of HIV, the immune system collapses and an infected person can die even with minor infection as defence system of body does not work at all. 
HIV in India : There are approximately 21 lakh persons estimated to be living with HIV in India. The prevalence of HIV in India is decreasing  since last decade due to constant efforts done by the government and NGO's. Condition has been improved in various part of the country. 

How has India been working to prevent and eliminate HIV?
India has been working to fight this deadly disease. Government started Several awareness and prevention programmes like – pension schemes for HIV- affected, national AIDS control programme for NGO’S social benefits schemes. To deal with HIV in Eastern states- Project Sunrise was introduced. Government has been giving enough attention to HIV patients so that they can get benefits from such welfare schemes.

The Indian Parliament passed HIV and AIDS (prevention and control) Bill , 2017 to provide a better policy for AIDS Infected persons. It prohibits discrimination against persons with HIV at work Places. Many issues have been adressed in this bill by the government as maintaining dignity and privacy.

Some of the Highlights of The Guidelines-- 

Privacy of HIV - No obligation upon HIV affected person to disclose his HIV status by organization which was mandatory earlier in Indian BPO Sector. The only way to know about disease is when the employee agrees. This safeguard is taken by the Indian government to provide a right to maintain dignity and privacy of a person. 

Safeguard rights - HIV patients have all the safeguards as the Indian government mentions in the Policy. They can complaint and  get solution of grievances accordingly.

Conclusion- HIV needs more attention and awareness to get eliminated not from just from india but worldwide. Causes like Unprotected Sex, Using same Syringe while injecting drug etc should be known by the people that it may lead to AIDS. People who suffers from HIV  need regular  affordable treatment, care and more acceptance in the society.