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National Crime Report in India: 2017

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National crime records bureau has released data for 2016. According to the  report
the voilent crime and crime against women have been increased.

National Crime Bureau
It is an Indian government's agency responsible for collecting and analysing crime data as defined by the Indian Penal Code.It is a part of the Ministry Of Home Affairs.

In Depth Analysis-- 
Several states like UP and bihar have recorded the most voilent events .It recorded maximum numbers of murders ,rape,sexual assault. Although UP government has taken various steps to prevent such events by rolling out anti-romeo squad to prevent voilation against women, however women are least safe not only in states but in the metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Event of crime against women has increased by 2.9% over that of 2015. Delhi recorded a rate of crime that is more than twice the national average. The annual data is useful to review the trends of such extreme crime events.Although crime events have been declined to the level prevailing  in the 1950s.

Government steps to prevent crime event
As it comes in to concurrent list according to constitution . Centre and states have to take mandatory initiative to prevent crime.  There are is an urgent need to reform and analyze the system.  Social development and social awareness might help in reduction of crime events.government should focus to bring sensitivity in the system.
Improvement in administration is needed. Measures to make public place safer is mandatory to protect public. There is a rise in  number of cases involving juveniles .Government needs to universalise education for gender senstivization for reducing crime against women. Political interference should be elimintated for protecting criminals.
In 2006 supreme court ordered to police reforms, which is not yet implemented in some states.

Crime is a serious issue to be concerned about. Corrupt society somehow is also reason of crimes. People who are indulge in the crime are fearless due to some corrupted public servents. Small cities and district are the most affected places. In many places police could not reach. it is extremely mandatory to reform the whole system to prevent crimes.