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 There are days which scare you like hell, especially when you come across people who tend to
judge you, or when you take some test series and see someone scoring higher than you in a particular test series given.  First thing I would like you to understand --- Memory does not show brilliance, neither score of any series.

Do not let others make you feel miserable, and do not let them over power your mind. So the preparation for exams, especially IAS needs more motivation than any other… It is okay to be scared, and be critical of yourself, but it is not okay to waste your time in anxiety. You need to manage your brain and take control of yourself.

Crowd has an opinion and all of us are not blessed with the kind of support we expect, the best way is not to leave your hand. Stand by yourself. It is okay, completely all right, know your weakness but do not consider yourself weak. Work upon weakness and stand again.
All the best--- 

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