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Urbanization: Progressive or Regressive Societies.

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Introduction: Urbanization is on rise as there are people who are migrating towards cities for opportunities and money. Urban areas are known for services and facilities available. For example in rural areas- basic facilities like doctor, educators and hospitals are not available. People tend to migrate for work as well. However, a huge population which migrates towards cities is not able to find the suitable place to live.  The city already remains overburdened with the population. Unplanned urbanization creates more chaos over facilities.
Problems related to unplanned Urbanization:
There are various problems associated to urbanization which do not let the true purpose of urbanization come into picture. The problems related to unplanned urbanizations are—
1.       Rise in Slum Areas- Slum represents a major portion of the urban population which remains weak. Slum areas do not have basic facilities and they are congested or over populated. They are the place for people who cannot get along with city life and yet they need to be in the city.
2.       Rise in Urban floods- People sometimes trespass the water storm drains for developmental work. They create chaos as Climate change has been making India victim of cyclones and heavy rains.
3.       Economic Inequality- Unplanned urbanization does not support our constitutional value. There remains a section of society which does not get the basic urban facilities and remain homeless as policies do not get along with the population rise. 

4.       Ecological disturbances- The cities are known for its manufacturing hubs and creating jobs. People need to get a home. A large amount of population needs residential area and people start narrowing down the rivers which may be very important for flood control. Ecological disturbances are not again very healthy for sustainable future.
5.       Leads to deforestation- City increases which again leads to deforestation for developmental work which in long run has a huge economic cost.
Planned Urbanization- Today, it is the need of the hour where urbanization should be planned. Some lessons can be learnt form the countries like Singapore where cities are planned in advanced, which are ready according the housing constructions, water harvesting and sustainable use of resources.
India has a huge population which will surpass china in 2024 according to the World Prospectus Report. While making policies, or planning for the urbanization there should be a measure for population control. This remains highly ignored area, which leads to a high rate of rise in population as well as this much high population is difficult to be managed.
So, planned urbanization is the need of hour, and every member of the society has to be a part of it.