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The Gender Neutral Society

The civilization of masculinity where ‘Being Strong’ is a copy right characteristic of a male and when a woman is strong- she
has to be considered more like male. Prejudices are filled in mind, and an imposed way of living life has to be accepted to be accepted. It goes for both genders, including boys- they have to endure bullying and carry their burden of finances. A  miserable life which neither of the gender chose but accepted because they were represented a narrative of ‘being men and women’ since childhood.
The dress code is imposed on both—girls and boys. To be more accepted , to win the love and to have the company – here comes the submission. We submit all of our dreams, our choices and who we are. Love is given only when ‘obedience’ is followed. The logic of right and wrong never stands a chance, and it will never.

Source- The Hindu
I remember during my school days, a salwar suit was imposed on me in dress code. I was dictated norms-- that made me feel anxious. I did not like salwar suit because I never wore that earlier, and more than books, my attention was in how to handle that dress. 
 School is supposed to be a place of learning. But it works  to make you forget that you can dream. Teachers rarely teach - How to be yourself first-The basic key to education. Instead they bring norms to trap mind because they are trapped themselves. 
  Dress holds a crucial part to make one feel more confident, and when imposed unnecessary worries occupy the brain. As counter argument I have received an opinion— It(Uniform) saves money of parents... daily new and different clothes all of the children may not afford so better to decide a uniform.
These arguments are genuine one but my problem is not the uniform – I object against an Imposed uniform. For example—you can let a student wear – Pant, skirt, suit or salwar. Color can be decided by the school. There should be some valid reasoning/ logic behind. Imposing the type—It gives stress to young children. 

I think Psychologically it holds importance- to understand , to deiced and to learn more about oneself. Imposing a salwar suit from 9th standard in school, just because the girl started growing up is one among the meanest reason I have heard. Moreover, It resembles with the situation that somehow the authority does not want you to stand but to submit.
In a school of UK, boys were allowed to wear skirts, if they wanted to. This is called as progressive society where children are not over burdened with unnecessary problems. May be that is how we are going to give a chance to the future. They may think more about solving problems rather than being stuck in what to wear and why?

This remains a big step – today people may laugh—But this is idea for sustainable future – A boy has all right to wear the skirt as well as a girl. However, change has to happen in all over the world to raise ' The generation Z'-  which will consist of a gender neutral Society.
- Namrata 
(The essay was taken from author's blog with permission ---

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