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Decade worst- The Hunger Continues to Rise Globally

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Introduction- According to UN report 'Global Hunger Index' world's hungry population on the rise again. Sustainable Development Goal 2 has aimed at Zero Hunger by 2030 which seems difficult goal to be achieved according to the data.  
Global hunger index
The index was adopted and further developed by International Food Policy Research Institute. It was the first published in 2006 with the welhungerlife a German NGO non profit organization since 2007 and irish NGO concern worldwide joined the group as co-publishers.
Throughout history, some part of the world's population  have often experienced sustained periods of hunger. In many cases, this resulted from food supply disruptions  caused by war, plague or adverse weather and other natural calamities.
Recently UN report published which have shown concern that the number of hungry people in the world has rapidly risen again for the first time in more than a decade. Report says there are 38 million more undernourished people in the world rising from 777 million in 2015 to 815 million in 2016. The years for which the latest statistics are available.
Reasons - 
Conflicts is now one of the main drivers of food insecurity in 18 countries after a prolonged decline, world hunger appear to be one the risen again.
There are other reasons like drought and disasters to climate change are among the key factors causing the reversal in progress.
Violent conflicts also led to the forced displacement of  a record high 68.5 millions in 2017.
Hunger's  impact on economy
Hunger affects about 1 billion people around the world and as the economic crisis continuous the push for growth can actually make matters worse.
Wastage of food is one of the key factor of economic loss due to hunger -- as per the sustainable development goals use of natural resources with sustainability is an agenda for the world besides removing hunger goal.
Where does India stand ?
India's ranked already on 100th position among 119 countries in Global hunger index in 2017. India scored 31.4 and was place in high end of "serious"  category.
 India low ranking also influence south Asia's regional score as 3 quarters of south Asia's  population reside in India. 
More than 20% of Indian children under the age of five have lower weight  in relation to their height and about 33% are too short relation to their age . 
Despite India  bring world's second largest food producer it has second highest under nourished population in the world.

What can be done to free the world from hunger?
* Sustainable food - policy making ,funds project so people can provide  food for themselves in a sustainable way.
* Food donation - distribution of food in remote areas in every vulnerable countries especially in south Asia.
*Access to education- education is the best weapon against poverty and hunger . It is especially powerful in underdeveloped  countries
Education means better opportunity and more access to income and food.
*Social change can be helpful to remove hunger by showing sensitivity and empathic behaviour.
* Birth control education must be given high birth rates pose a problem when trying to solve hunger.
*Empowering women  to gain access food,be providers, and leas their family has had a major impact on food access and ability to change financial situation.