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Delhi Distpute- A state or Union territory

Introduction- Delhi holds important place in Nation as it has offices of Central Government and entire country is controlled through Delhi. Delhi is considered as Union territory according to the Indian constitution though certain powers were given to it. 
Union territories are controlled by Central government. Delhi was allowed to have chief minister during 1990's after inserting the provision of 239 AA and 239 BB in the constitution as well as after passing the 'National Capital Territory of Delhi Act in 1991'.
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Problems and Issues:- There has been a long time conflict between present government ruled by AAP, and the Central Government - BJP. The problem is that the state is ruled by two different governments. 
In constitutional list law and order, land are state subjects while Delhi being the priority comes into conflict often due to control of these issues. 
The safety of embassies protected by convention and treaties may come at stake when given to the state government.
Administrative Problems will be further difficult to resolve. 
It is obvious to understand that no central government can leave such city to the state government. 

Statehood a way out? Delhi holds a crucial role in country, so giving statehood will not end conflicts either. However, certain negotiations and experiments may be better to make between two governments.