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Inclusive India: A better world

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The inclusive india initiative is an initiative of national trust,with the aim to cater to the person with intellectual and development disabilities. This initiative has started with the collaboration of ministry of social justice & empowerment.
The objective of the initiate is to adress and include people  who are disable in the mainstream as well as in all important aspects of social life, namely education , employment and creating friendly atmosphere for disabled.
There are millions of disable people who dont get basic fundamental right, they are the most ignorant people in the society. They face mental abuse or mistreated by the society. The outcome of the unacceptance makes them more vulnerable. The initiative attempts to bring about change in attitude and attempt to facilitate the realisation of equal opportunities , protection of rights and full participations of people with disabilities.

The initiative is going to engage around 2000 corporate sector organisation. Both public private sector will work for creating awareness towards employing persons with  disabilities in the current financial year.
Government emphasisis  on the need to make use several schemes of national trust like --- *Saugamaya bharat or accessible india campaign -- mobile app which provide information  on disables friendly public facilities.
*Disha -- is for school readiness scheme
*Vikaas-- day care scheme for person with autism and multiple disabilities And many more.

State's Contribution--Telangana wil get unique identification number valid across country. As the state is porting data for inclusion in a national database.
The database aim to make benefit transfer to person with disability efficient under the program many states are generating the unique IDs. The intervention included getting persons with disability organise health camps in the village . Such initiative by government would defenetly help differently people.