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India - A victim of Climate Change

Introduction-  India is currently top of the list of nations expected to be worst hit by the adverse effect of climate change. Recently several disaster events occurred in northern region of the country.
Extreme weather in India has killed over 70 people in a day. 17 killed due to lightning strike  dust accompanied by heavy rains and winds  of up to 109 kmph uprooted  thousands of trees. Not just urban areas affected by these kind of destructive events but in rural area where housing system is weak suffers most. The severe impact of such storm affects livelihood and on the economy. the intensity of these events is linked to the effect of rising temperature. In recent years average and extreme weather temperature have been on the rise  across india, and heatwave have become  even more deadly especially in Andhra paredesh, telangana ,delhi, punjab, haryana ,rajasthan and uttarpradesh .
Reasons for Climate Change- Extreme weather aggravated by high temperature . Its clear that climate change is increasingly taking toll on indian lives.
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There are certain reasons of constant changing in weather.
- green house gases ( some indirectly caused by pollution and other are a direct result of pollution)
-   sunshine make some pollutants undergo chemical realities producing smog.
- rain washes out water soluble pollutants and particulate matter .
- higher temperature speed up chemical reactions in the air.
- wind speed, atmospheric turbulence instability and mixing depth affect the dispersal and dilution of pollutants
- air pollution released by human by burning fossil fuel, also adds then to the atmosphere aerosols have an impact on climate
- greenhouse gasses stay in the atmosphere for years and cause warning around the world.
The impact of a lightning strike- Special Concern
The number is unusually high and the result of extreme weather pattern's there is usually increased lightning activity in the region before the monsoon. This year cold wind from the arabian sea collided with warmer winds from  northern India. India's death toll from lightning strikes is far higher than developed countries. The US where on average ,27 people die from lighting each year.
Way forward.
Preventive Measures- The Only way out- Indian climate conditions are already vulnerable. There is an urgent need to improve pre warning forecasts system, high tech Doppler radar should be executed across country . Media can play important role by giving high alert before occurring storm. Better technology like supercomputer mihir can be extremely helpful for giving pre warning alert.