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India - Maldives crises: A glimpse

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Introduction- India and Maldives have close relation strategically and economically. Both had long history of military cooperation.

 History of both countries relationship-  India and Maldives established diplomatic connection in 1966 after independence of Maldives. In November 1988 India helped Maldives to fight the armed attack of the Liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam under operation Cactus.

Commercial Relations- India has provided extensive economic aid and has participated in bilateral program for the development of infrastructure health, civil Aviation,  telecommunication, and labour resources. It  has established the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Male.

 Reasons of souring in relation between india and Maldives     

In Maldives political crisis risen after president Abdulla Yameen decided to disobey the supreme court order to release 9 political prisoners, and tried to curb the opposition to prevent the impeachment.
In February 2018,  president Abdulla Yameen declared state of emergency and ordered the arrest of two judges of the supreme court of the Maldives including Chief Justice.
Former president of Maldives had requested India to send military in the island to control the situation.  However India did not pay attention as India does not interfere in any other country's internal affairs. On the other hand Maldives constantly shown fondness towards China.
Maldivian companies denied to recruit Indian and advertised "Indian need not to apply".
Not only that Indians were denied permit to work as India  strongly opposed the emergency in the country.
India has lower the limit on the export of certain essential commodities such as potatoes, onion to Maldives.

Way Forward- Both countries have been very close till now. Cutting ties with one other is not a solution as India and Maldives belong to the same region. Both need support to  make this region secure and peaceful.
Instead of locking horns with each other,  negotiation and diplomatic talks are the need of the hour. More conflicts will bring volatility to the region, so both of the countries should 'rethink' and maintain the stability in the world.