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Organ Transplants- Problems in India

Introduction - Organ transplantation is medical procedure in which organ is removed from one body and placed in the body of recipient to replace a damage or missing organ.

Types of transplants – There are two types of transplant available in India.  
1.      Auto graft- organs and tissues that are transplanted within the same person's body are called auto graft.
2.      Allograft - transplant between two subject of the same species are called allograft.                                                                 
Heart transplant has always been a crucial than other organ transplant. Christian Bernard performed the first successful human heart transplant in 1967 in Cape Town south Africa. Other first cardiac transplant was attempted back in 1968 at Mumbai King Edward Memorial Hospital.
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 Issues in Present Organ Donation System-
National organ and tissue transplant organization claimed that foreign patients who are waiting for a Donor heart transplant are being prioritized over Indian patient by private hospitals in Chennai.
 The basic concept of organ donation allocation and transplantation have been completely lost organ transplantation in Indian lastly become a private sector activity hands.

 Way forward
 India has enthusiastically initiated to improve health care system in the country. Government should insulated ethical organ transplantation practices. The process should be made more transparent and accessible to the public. Donation and the allocation of each organ should be tracked.
Government should develop a system of zones across the country, so that more efficient sharing of organs across states is possible. With development of a publicly funded air Ambulance Services services may be faster . This will significantly benefit transplant programmes in government hospitals.