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Socio Economic Caste Census - Needed or Not?

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Introduction- The caste system prevailed in Indian Culture for long which has lead to social diversity as well as problems and reasons to conflict. First Socio - Economic Caste Census was conducted in 2011 and it took government four years to release that data. This was first time that a paperless survey was conducted by electronic devices. Ruling parties have their differences about SECC or Socio Economic Caste Census. 
Why should the caste census be? The caste census may have some cons yet it has certain benefits involved, which are stated below---
ü  Beneficiary Identification- The identification of beneficiary will be far easier that is herculean task for the government to collect the real data. 
ü  Facts based on Reality- The social narrative of sufferings may be different from the political one. The caste census will provide the real picture of society as at times there have been agitations among different groups related to backwardness.
ü  Policy making- Policy for the backward and economic weaker classes can bring positive social outcome as many times the schemes do not reach to the vulnerable section. 
ü  Reduction in Poverty- Poverty reduction can be more planned as the weak zone is identified through census. 
ü  Achieving sustainable development goal and vision statement- India can work on the issue by equal distribution of resources which will reduce various targets that India has to be achieved decided by Sustainable development goal and Vision Statement of NITI Ayog. 

What can be the disadvantages?
1.      India is sensitive about certain matters and various communities can be mislead with the data of SECC. 
2.      More castiest politics may divide nation into further narrow zones. 
3.      Anti-Democracy- Certain elements can provoke a threat to democracy 

§  collection of castes is not easy
§  what will be the basis of deciding the caste?
§  There are more than lakhs of castes, sub castes and data compilation is going to be complex.