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Growth of Nationalism in Europe- Past to Present

Nationalism came in Europe after French revolution. Nationalism- is an ideology that assert a nation formed by group of people with common identity, language and history. Slowly people started questioning the divine rule of monarch. There have been a series of even where people have realized ideas of liberty and nationalism. These are as follow ---

The French Revolution and Nationalism
French revolution is the reason behind the modern nations in Europe. It also played a key role in the birth of nationalism. Radical intellectuals of europe were strongly influenced by Napoleon. The Napoleon code was an instrument for the political transformation of Europe.
Revolutionaries armies carried the slogan of liberty,equality and brotherhood. The idea of liberalism,  national self determinism,  and national awakening also grew out of an intellectual reaction.
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Current Picture of Europe- Current political and economic difficulties- A number of political and economic factors are contributing to the current uncertainities surrounding the future of the EU project.
To varying degrees they are also challenging the legtimacy and structure of the EU and its institutions.
In 2008-2009 global recession and the eurozone debt crisis significantly affected european economies,decreased growth and increased unemployment in many EU countries, and  posing a risk to the european banking system.

Lack of strong leadership- The development of EU has largely been driven forward by several key countries acting as an "engine" french and german leadership was essential to establishing the common currency and france and the UK were instrumental in forging EU common foreign and securities policies. Although german has played a central role in responding the eurozone crisis russian aggression in ukrain,and the migrants and refugee flow,german's president is being too hesitant and tactical in many instances,rather than acting as a leader of Europe.

Simultaneous Challenges
Against the complex political and economic backdrop, the EU is grappling with several major challanges many observers contend that the difficulty of these multiple issues are unprecedented.

Migratory Pressure
Over the last few years Europe has experienced a significant migration and refugee crisis as people have fled conflict and poverty in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and South Asia. According to the united nations more than 1 million refugee and migrants reached europe by sea in 2015 and roughly 362,000 did so in 2016. Greece and Italy have been major arrival and transit points.

Countering Terrorism
European government and the EU have grown increasing ilarmed in recent years by the rise of the islamic state terrorist organization. Its success in attracting european citizens to join the fighting in the Syria-Iraq region,and its use of violent extremist propoganda to inspire others many of the recent terrorist incidents in europe including the nov 2015 attacks in Paris and the march 2016 bombings in brussels.