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India-Nepal relations

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India – Nepal share a close relationship and cooperation by open borders and deep-rooted people to people contacts. There has been a long tradition of free movement of people across the borders sharing family ties and culture. Nepal share a border of over 1850kms in the east south and west with five Indian states -Sikkim,west Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

India- Nepal treaty  
Treaty of peace and friendship of 1950 - Forms the bedrock of the special relations that exist between India and Nepal.The Nepalis citizens have obtained certain advantages in India like availing facilities and opportunities as Indian citizens. Nearly 6 million Nepalis citizens live and work in India. Nepalese and Indian national may move freely across the border without passport and visa, may live, and work in either country. However, Indians aren’t allowed to own land-properties or work in government institutions in Nepal.

Border dispute
The territorial disputes of India and Nepal include kalapani 400km at India- Nepal – China tri-junction in western Nepal and Susta. Nepal claims that the river of the west of kalapani is the main kali river,hence the area should belong to Nepal. But India claims that the river to the west of kalapani is the not the main kali river, therefore the border there should be based  on the ridge lines of the mountains om parvat to east of the river.

Defense corporation
The Indian army and the Nepalese army have long standing cooperation, and  bilateral defense cooperation.It includes assistance to Nepalese army in its modernization through provision of equipment and training. About 250 training slots are provided every year for training Nepalese army personnel in various India army training institution.

Indo-Nepal exercise
Surya kiran series of bilateral military exercises are conducted bi-annually alternately in India and Nepal.It is a largest exercise in terms of troop’s participation in series of military training exercises undertaken by India.

Nepal’s Trade deficit with India has surged in recent years with continuously rising imports and exports. India Nepal trade continuous to remain massively in India's favor. For fiscal years 2010-11 the official bilateral trade between the two nation was 4.21$ billion while the unofficial trade between the two countries is also estimated to be about the same.

 The ninth  fiscal meeting of EPG on India Nepal relations conclude in Kathmandu in 2018.  The EPG was formed in January 2016 with the mandate to review various aspects of the bilateral relations including Nepal-India friendship treaty 1950. It was a joint mechanism consisting experts and intellectuals from India and Nepal.