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Mob Lynching: Seeking for Ethical Grounds- An Opinion

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A situation to Worry about - India remains in fear of mob lynching. Over nine states have been affected by such henious crime for months. 27 deaths have been recorded due to this in a year. Recent incidents of violence fueled primarily by fake whatsapp and facebook messages.
Fake warning messages of child-kidnapping or organ harvestors have been spread over whatsapp. The victim of lynching  mostly are the villagers. Some of whom may be using smartphones for the first time. and morever people are less educated less aware in rural area.
The rumour and the mob moves faster than the police. The  rumor wins over fact often.
After investigating no case of kidnapping was recorded-- or even suspected -- in any of these lynching spot in the three months leading up to the attacks and ironically , in tripura a man was lynched who was hired by the state government to spread awareness against precisely such rumors.

Few cases of cow vigilante violence came out in the few years. Mob attacks in the name of "cow protection" as cattle slaughter is banned in the Indian states it also has emerged as a threat. Cow vigilante group clamming to be protecting cattle, have accused some people from minorities and schedule caste/Schedule tribe  of cattle theft or slaughter and targated violance against them leading to a number of deaths. Cow protection groups see themselvesas preventing theft, protecting the cow or upholding the law in an indian state which bans cow slaughter.

Government's initiative-
Government has atlast adressed and willing to take action to the lynching report from across the country.
Now ministry of electronics and information technology has told whatsapp  to take "remedial measures" to prevent proliferation of these fake messages. In this era of fake news, to rapidly spread panic,anger and riots between two community. This happens in different ways across the world but in India-- the problem is getting serious as india has vast diversity of different culture and religion. Preventing fake msgs on social media is not just a right solution. There should be other ways to spread awareness with the help of administration and government espcially in remote areas where people act radically and kill people.
Law and Order remains under state government- they should show willingness to curb such incidents as well.
There should be stringent Cyber Laws for maintaining the peace in the Nation.

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