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The national register of citizen (NRC) is the list of Indian citizen of Assam. It was prepared in 1951, following the census of 1951. For a person’s name to be included in the updated NRC list of 2018, he/she will have to furnish:

·         Existence of name in the legacy data:
The legacy data is the collective list of the NRC data of 1951 and the electoral rolls up to midnight of 24 March 1971.
Proving linkage with a person whose name appears in the legacy data.
·         On 30th July 2018, the final draft of NRC was released. Names of 40 lakh (4 million) people were still left out in the final draft.

Policy decision, guidelines, and funds of NRC updation are provided by the Central government of India, but its implementation is done through the state government machinery under the registrar general of India who functions as the registrar general of citizen registration under rule 15 of citizenship rules, 2003 as amended in 2009 and 2010.

The  modalities for NRC updation have been developed jointly by the government of Assam and the government of India in adherence to these statutes.

How did NRC verification begin in Assam?
 The process of NRC update was taken up in Assam as per a supreme court order in 2013. In order to wean out cases of illegal migration from Bangladesh and other adjoining areas, NRC updation was carries out under the citizenship act, 1955, and according to rules framed in the Assam accord.

Why is it being updated?
the National Register of citizens is an exercise which was first carried out in 1951 to enumerate the citizens, their houses and holdings, Over the years, there has been a demand from the indigenous Assamese groups to update the NRC. A pilot project was initiated at two places in 2010. In Barpeta, police action on an anti-NRC protest led to four deaths and the project was shelved. It resumed after Cant order from the supreme court. 

A number of left out-  40.07 applicants who have been left out of the final draft NRC released, 2.48 lakh applications have been kept on hold including the D-voters (doubtful voters who have been disenfranchised on account of failure to prove citizenship), descendants before the foreigner's tribunal. The state, however, has not revealed the reason for keeping others on hold.

How it should be done?
The entire process of NRC updating should be done in an impartial and transparent manner. All section of people should maintain peace during the process. Equal opportunity should be given to those persons whose names are not included in the draft. No one should be sent to detention camp or foreigners tribunal.