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Net Neutrality

Introduction- Net neutrality is the basic principal that internet service providers treat all data on internet equally, and not discriminate or change differently by user,content,website,platform application,type of attached equipment,or method of communication.
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India's policy on net neutrality.
India's telecom regulator- TRAI came out in favour of the principle of net neutrality , the department of telecomunication has finally agreed to adopt the same.
The recommendation given by the telecom regulatory authority of india (TRAI) in november 2017 would prohibit internet service provider from engaging  in "any form of discrimination or interfrence in the treatment of online content.
Internet service provider will also not be able to engage in practices such as "blogging degrading, slowing down or granting preferential speeds or treatment to any content.

The telecom commission the highest decision making body has approved net neutrality as recommended by telecom regulating authority of india (TRAI).
New the license agreements with services provider will be immediately amended and will be subject to principal of net neutrality.

Benefits of net neutrality

--Net neutrality supports competitive market place and provide chance to every firm, from big companies to small starts-ups to take part in it.
--The big telecom companies can provide the ways but don't have any right to direct how the people should on them they cannot differentiate between the different group.
-- Net neutrality protect innovation and if big comapnies like google and netflix could pay to get exceptional treatment or faster speeds, the new start up firms would be at a disadvantage.
-- It will also negatively affect freedom of speech in absence of net neutrality the big companies could give priority of TV networks from videos it owns and slow down the signals from peers.

Expanding internet access is the top priority for India. India is still lagging behind in broadband infrastructure, and power supply is weak. However digital  access constantly growing  in India. Large number of population getting benefit of digitalization. for example:- digital access can be linked to the basics like subsidies and ration, identification, financial inclusion and political participation. Such an arrangement could expand more internet use rapidly in a country where some 80% of the population does not have access benefiting crores of people.