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Introduction- The government wants to ‘track all digital media chatter from all core social media platforms’. It means that the government wanted to tap all citizens’ whatsapp messages and it will create surveillance system. However, the Supreme Court has issued a notice against it. 

Government Point- The government wanted to track social media content with the help of social media hub.  This would collect and analyze digital and social media content.
A PSU named as the Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited (BECIL) under the ministry floated a tender to supple software for the project.
A technology platform is needed to provide automated reports, technical insights and comprehensive work flows to initiate engagement across digital channels. 

How will it work? - Media person will be employed on contractual basis in each district to be eyes and years. The tender document reveals that it will provide automated reports, tactical insight and comprehensive work flows to initiate engagement across digital channels. 

Ethical Issues Involve in it?
At one hand, this may help in creating security of nation and curbing fake news but at the same time it will violate privacy like whatsapp chats can contain various personal messages. 
It may violate fundamental rights of Indian citizens.
The democracy can come under pressure and authoritative regimes my be into power as data can be misused. 
It can curb freedom of speech as every citizen will be scared of sharing general opinion with one another as everything one says will be recorded. 
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