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Sponge cities

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The sponge city is a city that is designed to passively absorb, clean and use rainfall in an ecologically friendly way to reduce dangerous and polluted runoff. Associated techniques include permeable roads, rooftop garden, rainwater harvesting, rain gardens, green space and blue space such as ponds and lakes. Properly implemented   sponge city can reduce the frequency of flood,improve water quality and allow cities to use less water per person. Associated strategies such as green space  can also improve quality of life, air quality and reduce urban heat islands.

China and sponge city concept
In 2010, landslide from flooding killed approximately 700 people in three quarters of china’s provinces .In recent years, fatal flood like these have become regular occurrences. The Chinese government has implemented following steps to alleviate the problem. 
   --The Chinese government is building water-absorbed projects in 30 cities part of its “sponge city” initiative.

 --The cities have received more than 12$ dollars for sponge projects
--    The projects are being built in several cities including shanghai , Wuhan and Xiamen

--By 2020. China hopes that 80% of its urban areas will absorb and reuse at least 70% of rainwater.

India’s critical condition in urban flood

Urban flooding has become a recurrent issue in Indian metro cities. Every year India faces urban flooding. Several people die mostly from road accidents due to road potholes blockage, collapsing bridge and buildings. The reason for such accident is weak infrastructure and drainage system. There is no long-term vision  to tackle  such climate challenges.The frequency  of these events has been increasing in the last couple of years Mumbai, Ahmedabad , Chandigarh  and Chennai have faced the same catastrophic disasters.


India should consider “sponge cities” idea to curb urban flood problems.Proper frame work is needed .China and India both are the fastest growing economies,if China can implement sponge cities concept  India should also come with innovative ideas.