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Vote of No Confidence Motion- Impact on Ruling government

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No confidence motion-- article 75 of the Indian constitution says that council of minister shall be
collectively responsible to the lok sabha.  It means that the ministry stays in office so long as it enjoys confidence of the majority of the members of lok sabha or lower house or house of the people. In other words the lok sabha can remove the ministers from office by passing no-confidence motion. The motion needs the support of 50 members to be admitted.

It is a variation on the motion of no confidence that allows a parliament to withdraw confidence from a head of government only if there is a position majority for a prospective successor.  The principal is intended to ensure that a replacement head of government has enough parliamentary support to govern.

--- the concept was first used on a national scale in west germany but today also used in other nations such as spain ,hungary,lesotho,israel,poland,slovenia,albania and belgium.

When various opposition parties decide to support the motion, it may not really harm the government. The support of all other parties for motion means it admit as it will have the support of atleast 50 members of parliament in the hours, which is a minimum requirement. though the rulling party enjoy the majority in lok sabha and runs no risk of being toppled by such motion. Opposition party can raise the several issues of government's failed policies and try to gain no confidence votes. It can impact PM's image of as leader that ha confidence of several regional parties.