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2 Plus 2 in International Politics

What is 2+2 dialogue?
In foreign policy, ‘2+2’ is the term used for the institutionalisation of a dialogue mechanism between two countries consisting of the key Ministries of defence & external affairs.
Japan is known to draw from the format 2+2 dialogue has to offer for years now. India and Japan too have a similar mechanism between them since 2010.  Japan leans on this mechanism for developing strategic interactions with the U.S, France, Russia and Australia. On the other hand, India has established the 2+2 dialogue primarily with Japan. Both the countries have practised a 2+2 dialogue mechanism almost annually.

What is the outline of the recent India-US initiative?
 India and U.S have established new 2+2 ministerial dialogue to enhance strategic coordination between them and maintaining peace and stability in the into-pacific region.
The new dialogue format will replace the earlier India-U. S strategic and commercial dialogue.
It will be like the India-japan 2+2 dialogue format between foreign and defence secretaries of the two countries. 
This they believe , it would help in better handling of common challenges like Chinese aggression & West Asia crisis.
How it was initiated?
India and U.S had elevated their strategic dialogue in 2009 which mainly focused on regional security, economic cooperation, defence, trade and climate challenge. The purpose of 2+2 ministerial dialogue is to put strategic, defence and security relationship between the two countries at the forefront and centre stage. The new format would include External Affairs minister and defence minister from India and their America counterpart’s secretary of state and defence secretary.
What is its impact?
The new ministerial dialogue would enhance strategic coordination between the two countries. It will helpful to coordinate and cooperate more intensely on Afghanistan, developments in the Asia pacific, Indian ocean and in the Middle East (West Asia). It will insulate the India- U.S strategic relationship.
Why did India-Japan hold 2+2 vice-ministerial dialogue?
India and Japan explored ways to strength cooperation in the areas of  counter terrorism, maritime security, defence equipment and technology during the fifth 2+2 vice-minitrial level dialogue.
Both sides reviewed the entire gamut of India-japan relations and discussed issues having overlapped foreign policy and security dimensions of India-japan cooperation and consultations. They reaffirmed their common desire to build things on the strong foundations of bilateral cooperation and exchange to forge a relationship of mutual benefit.
Why India-U. S 2+2 dialogue delayed?
America has postponed its inaugural 2+2 dialogue with India which was scheduled to be held in July 2018 Washington DC, citing “unavoidable reasons”. Both countries have now decided to have a dialogue in September 2018. This is the third time that 2+2 dialogue has been postponed in the last six months.