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Ganga: Not suitable for Bathing too!

How is Ganga's water unfit for bathing?
The water quality of Ganga River where devotees take a dip every year, is unfit even for bathing. A recent map published by the Central Pollution Control Board has revealed that water in nearly a dozen major stretches of the Ganga in West Bengal is highly polluted. The given map marks the areas with red dots where the water of Ganga remains unfit for bathing.
The Pollution in Ganga - Shown by Red.
The map shows that the water pollution level in Kolkata and other parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. However, with rainfall the pollution level in the Ganga seems to be a little lower due to increase in the flow of water. Once the monsoon comes to an end the quality of pollutants gets even higher.

Reason for Producing the Map- The map was published after National Green Tribunal has asked from Central Pollution Control Board to display a prominent map showing where the river water was fit for bathing and drinking. This was done by NGT to aware people that bathing and drinking the polluted water will bring serious health hazards.
The Government Contradicts with the Map- The shocking revelation comes at a time when the union government has claimed several times that the Namami Gange Project, with a budget of Rs 20,000 crore, has achieved considerable success. That seems huge loss according the consideration of the report.   

How to measure the quality of water?
There are certain factors like – temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Coliform (A bacteria that is found in human faecal) are considered while measuring the quality of water.
The coliform bacterium is ten times more than permissible limit.  Other parameters are also not good.
River expert has revealed that coliform bacteria, mainly found in sewage are a major cause for concern due to its large presence in the Ganga.
Reasons for Pollution-

1.      There was no proper mechanism development to bring better sewage and drainage system.
2.      The mechanism lacks proper framework and administrative work.
3.      Ignorance and corruption are the major issue where Government treasure goes in to the corrupt officers’ pocket.
4.      State governments are equally responsible for such huge loss of thousands of Crore rupees. State politicians are not bothered to inspect as they don’t know the severity of polluted water, where thousands of people dip in to the Ganga river with the illusion of sacredness.
5.      Besides of such flagship program of Clean Ganga, water quality is extremely poor in several states. After spending more than 2o,000 crore the result is zero.


Major steps are needed to improve such severe issue; government should consider the CPCB report and take serious actions against corrupt public servants. There is an urgent need of developing the proper inspection mechanism, which will further improve water quality.
 More experts from relevant fields should be heard, and be given an opportunity to help in improving the river condition.

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