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Gender Equality – Gender5.0

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Most of the people think that gender biased is only related to economics, for example- In terms of women’s participation in jobs, and interpersonal dynamics- like men being insensitive towards women.
The truth- People protect systems, practices, structure, and institutions which fundamentally exclude, disenfranchise and marginalized women.

According to American Sociologist, William Ogburn calls a cultural lag.  The cultural lag can be understood as the mismatch between the material conditions of life which change quickly. But behavior and attitude, these take time to change.
Poverty can also be addressed as it is a manmade disaster. More economic return is possible when women start participating into economy.
What are the series of Gender?
Gender1.0 – it was set off by Raja Ram Mohan Roy against Sati Practices, where 'alive' women were burnt with the dead bodies of the husbands.
Gender2.0 – It was started by the Mahatma Gandhi, where he recognized that the women participation was equally needed to attain the freedom.
Gender 3.0 – It was related to women vote, when women were allowed to vote in politics
Gender4.0- Started in 2014 when there were programs like beti bachao beti padhao.
However, these updates are not enough. Gender5.0 will include issues like triple talaq, fixing employment exchange, more learning outcomes in school, more cities, and more macroeconomic stability.
More reasons and researches
Research suggests that parents are more likely to invest in girls if there is a strong economic return to have them. This is the strongest predictor in women’s empowerment.
Getting women into political leadership roles changed parental aspirations for girls.
Due to skewed sex ration, there are different problems in society especially among young rural males.
What is the way?
Policies need to be creative, and should be understood the market failures caused by the cultural norms.
Tourism, education and healthcare are some of the fastest growing areas for job in next decade. Hiring women into this profession will help the addressing issues of gender gap.
Women face significant restrictions in mobility that means they do not have freedom to travel as men have.  Women need permission to go to the nearby Kirana Shop. Working women or when they control money, it reduces domestic violence.
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