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India - Seychelle Relationship

India-Seychelles ties were established after its independence in 1976. Both countries grew closer, have good understanding and cooperation. An Indian mission was established in 1979 in Victoria with the High Commissioner based in Dar-es-Salaam concurrently accredited to Seychelles. The first resident Indian Mission to Seychelles was opened at Victoria in 1987, while Seychelles opened its resident mission in New Delhi in early 2008.

Bilateral Agreements
Several bilateral agreements have been signed between the two countries like  agreements on cultural Exchange program, Air services, Tourism, Trade, Healthcare, Defense and Science and technology, twining agreement of friendship cooperation  between Panaji(municipal corporation), Goa (India) and Victoria city of Seychelles Technical agreement on sharing white shipping information  between Indian navy and national information sharing and coordination center of Seychelles signed. It will enable the two countries to exchange data regarding identity and  movement of non- military commercial vessels.

Commercial Relations

Bilateral trade and commerce with Seychelles is rather modest, there exists significant scope for enhancing cooperation in commercial field. Presently, Seychelles main items of import from India are rice, miscellaneous and food products, cement, linen cotton, vehicle and associated transport equipment, medicines, instruments and appliance for medical surgical & dental use..

Cultural Relations
Cultural cooperation between India- Seychelles has always been significant. The landmark culture events were the five editions of the Seychelles- India day held in Vitoria from 2013 to 2017. It is the biggest cultural event in Seychelles with the highest attendance of people. The Indian association Tamil  Mandram regularly organizes  more cultural events.

Civil Aviation & Tourism
 Both country have signed MoU in September 2014,  Air Seychelles started with thrice – weekly direct flights between  Mahe and Mumbai. The direct air connectivity has boosted bilateral trade and investment, flow of tourist traffic and people to people contact.

Assumption island issue

Assumption Island is a small island in the outer islands of Seychelles north of Madagascar.  Seychelles and India signed an agreement to build and operate a joint military facility portion of the island. The deal for an Indian military base in Seychelles was declared ‘dead’ by the island’s opposition party. The plan for an Indian military base in the island stirred up public protests by activists who believe that islands must stay away from brewing India – china regional conflict.
Current Agreement on Assumption Island

Both India and Seychelles have agreed to work together on project to develop naval base at Assumption Island keeping each other’s concerns in mind. Both countries are key strategic partners and these countries respect the core values of democracy. India and Seychelles share geo- strategic vision of maintaining peace, security and stability in Indian ocean region.