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Asian Europe Meeting- Protecting rights of the Elderly


Life has different truths, dimensions and realization for individuals, however, the getting old is inevitable. The globe has a major population of the elderly, and there are cases of significant abuse against them. 

Basic facilities and human rights of elderly have not been sufficiently addressed for long. Life expectancy has improved, and with that the aging population which remains neglected.
Older persons are exposed to different types of discrimination and they are not provided with adequate living environments to guarantee human dignity and proper treatment.

What has been done to protect at Global Level?

National Human Rights Commission of Korea has been hosting international conference at the ASEM level for the last three year since 2015 regarding human rights of older persons. 

Up until now, right to accessible healthcare, prohibition of age discrimination, right to work, right to be free from violence and abuse, and right to social security have been the area of concern as well as social exclusion and eradication of poverty of the elderly also grabbed significant attention.

 Moreover, measures to  enhance the human rights of older persons through collective action of the international community has been the Agenda of AEM.

This includes the Madrid international Plan of Action on Ageing (2002-2022) and Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2030).

 3RD ASEM conference on Ageing and Human Rights of Older Persons.
The 3rd ASEM (Asian Europe Meeting) Conference on ‘Global Ageing and Human Rights of Older Persons’ was held in Seoul, Capital of South Korea. It was jointly organised by South Korea and National Human Right Commission of Korea.
What is the outcome of such conference
The conference affirmed the universal value of the human rights of older persons, share information on discrimination against the elderly and exemplary cases of long-term and palliative care in Asia and Europe.

 The conference also discussed operation and tasks of the ASEM global Ageing centre as an implementing institution for cooperation among ASEM member for the protection and promotion of the Human rights of older persons.
What measures are needed to be taken to protect older human rights?
Violation of older persons human rights is a global issue. Older persons are vulnerable, they are physically mentally weak. They face several types of abuse by their own children’s. They don’t get adequate food diet medicine and proper treatment. 

Older persons are the most left out section of the community. To address these issues and protect the human rights of older persons, cooperation among various stakeholders including the academic and civil society organizations collaboration are needed. The ASEM conference perhaps will give benefits by implementing policy for welfare of senior citizens.