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Bio-Electronic Medicine

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Now  medicine can be bioelectronic 
Scientists from U.S claimed that they have developed world’s first bioelectronic medicine which is implantable, biodegradable wireless device that speeds nerve regeneration and improves healing of damaged nerve. The device has not been tested in humans yet, but its successful testing or rats offer promise as future therapeutic option for nerve injury patients. 

What is bioelectronic medicine? 
Bioelectronics medicine is a new approach to treat and diagnose disease and injury. All major organs of the body are innervated, allowing the brain to both monitor and regulate organ function.
 Bioelectronic medicine uses device technology to read and modulate the electrical activity within the body’s nervous system, opening new doors to real-time diagnostics and treatment option for patients.  Nerve-stimulating or nerve-blocking devices, either implanted on a nerve or held against the skin, have the potential to modulate specific nerve activity, elicit a specific change in organ function, and restore health, without the nerve complicated side effects of pharmaceutical agents.  

How the device is working? 
The biometric medicine device is wireless is powered and controlled wirelessly by transmitter outside body that acts much similar like cellphone-charging mat. It operates for about two weeks before naturally absorbing into the body. It has size of coin and thickness of sheet of paper. 
How it worked successfully? 
During its animal test on rats with injured sciatic nerves, it was found that this bioelectronic medicine device delivers regular pulses of electricity to damaged peripheral nerves in rats after surgical repair process. This results in accelerating regrowth of nerve in their legs and enhances ultimate recovery of muscles strength and control. 

How it will be significant in future? 
Areas which are expected to grow significantly in the near future are for spinal cord stimulation, deep brain stimulation, and sacral nerve stimulation. It will create highest market share of revenue for bioelectronic medicine. Hospitals are expected to be the largest consumer of such devices due to the prevalence of chronic diseases such as arrhythmias, epilepsy, Alzheimer's etc. .  

Biomedical technology provides therapy treatment over clinically relevant period of time and directly at site where it is needed, thereby reducing side effects or risks associated with conventional, permanent implants. Moreover, this engineered system provides active, therapeutic function in programmable, dosed formats and then it will naturally disappear into body, without trace.