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Mohammad Bin Salman- Why is he controversial?

Mohammad Bin Salman   

Saudi Arabia is still under the rule of the monarch, and Mohammad Bin Salman is a crown Prince. He was crowened in June 2017 to be a successor of King Salman. He is King Salman’s son from his third spouse, Fahda bint Falah bin Sultan bin Hathleen. He is the youngest minister of defense in the world and also the president of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs. He  has brought some reforms which were denied by earlier monarch- for example, he allowed women to drive and allowed cinema halls to open.
The Corruption
He carried a purge against his rivals in the name of fighting corruption and taking control of throne. He took control of all security establishments, and dozens of critics and clerics were incarcerated in unknown places. So, basically he enjoyed the absolute power. His father kind Salman Bin Abdulaziz remained a silent spectator.
The Fear- Used as a tool
Mohammad Bin Salman’s made a stronger monarchy and tools were used – the fear and an aggressive foreign policy.
The Main Architect of Yemen War
When Mohammad Bin Salman was a defense minister, he is the main planned of the Yemen war, no doubt that is the worst humanitarian crisis of the humanity. As always, Saudi Arabia has not been criticized or held accountable for the actions in yemen, as U S has supported it. 
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The Qatar
He blockade last year against neighbouring Qatar.  It accussed Qatar was supporting terrorism in the region and made a host of demands for the blockade to be lifted including shutting down the Al Jazeera televise ion  stating and severing ties  with Iran.  
Saudi Arabia’s hostility towards Qatar has only created new rifts within West Asia. It has lost the Syrian civil war and its military and monetary investments there have been in vain. Now, the Khashoggi case is a public relations disaster for a country which wants to be the leader of the Sunni world. There has been an incremental erosion of Saudi Arabia’s strategic power under MBS and the Kingdom will have to deal with it soonest.
The Crown Prince promoted his idea of Saudi 2030 vision, which includes social, economic and religious reforms, and plans to list shares of the state oil company Aramco.
The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi
Saudi Arabia’s murdered the Journalist who was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2, October. Saudi initially has denied with allegations and later has accepted under international Pressure.