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Morocco and the United States- Initiative to address Homegrown Terrorism

introduction : 

Morocco and the United States officially launched “initiative to address homegrown terrorism”

errorism, is the systematic use of violence to create a fear in a population. Terrorism has become a global threat in recent years as every second country has been facing terrorism related activities. Thousand of people, children and women died in terror attacks every year across the globe. In order to attract and maintain the publicity terrorists create widespread fear in different different ways like hijackings, hostage takings, kidnapping, car bombing and most frequently suicide bombing.
Countries which are facing terrorism currently are not less responsible for such drastic activities due to weak security. Terrorist are able to enter in the country and create chaos and kill innocent people. This is a crucial issue how easily terrorist are able to cross borders and travel from one place to another. Countries like USA, UK  and Europe are the developed countries despite this fact they are not able to control terrorist entry in the country. Terrorist use fake identity cards, visa, and even passport to travel wherever they want. 

  Recently America and morocco have launched GCTF Terrorist Travel Initiative under auspices of Global Counter- Terrorism Forum. The initiative brings stakeholders together to share expertise on developing and implementing effective counter terrorism watch listing and screening tools. 
It was launched on side-lines of the United National General Assembly (UNGA) session in New York.

What is GCTF Terrorist Travel initiative?
The motive of this initiative is to strengthen the UNSC resolution 2396 which aims to curb terrorist travel altogether. It will improve capabilities for detecting and prohibit terrorists from traveling. It will also enhance the terrorist screening and information sharing.

In this initiative both national and local government will work together as well as law enforcement and border screening practitioners and international organizations would share expertise on how to develop and implement effective counter terrorism watch listing and screening tools.
One of the most effective ways to counter terrorist travel is through traveller data such as advanced passenger information (API) passenger name record, and biometric information.

How the idea of GCTF was adopted?
In December 2017, the UN security council unanimously adopted resolution 2396 (UNSCR 2396), requiring all member states to use these tools, including by implementing systems to collect traveller data and develop watchlists of known and suspected terrorists.

What is global counterterrorism forum (GCTF)?
The global counterterrorism forum is an international forum of 29 countries and the European union with an overarching mission of reducing the vulnerability of people worldwide to encounter with terrorism by curbing, combating and persecuting terrorist acts and countering incitement and recruitment to terrorism. GCTF brings together experts and practitioners from countries and regions around the world to share experiences and expertise and develop tools and strategies on how to counter the evolving terrorist threat.

Note – the GCTC is co-chaired by Morocco and Netherlands.

A way forward
Its a late but a great initiative and it  will work to curb terrorist movement in the countries. Such high security monitoring system are need to be  executed in every terror prone country. iI recent time middle east , European and other western countries have been facing various types terrorist attacks. Other counties should joined the forum to secure their countries border and curb the  terrorist entry in the country  to prevent terrorism related activities.