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No Jobs for Women- World Economic Forum

Introduction  :  Jobs are available for men only 
According to World Economic Forum Study: one in three companies in India hire only men. 
A study found that companies in India experiencing the highest growth prefer hiring men and that technology led job growth benefits men more than women. The study also found that while one in three companies preferred hiring men, only one in 10 companies said they wanted to hire more women. 
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The world economic forum “future of work in India” report prepared with the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) shows for jobs that are experiencing the highest growth, companies are hiring women at only 26 %.  women are entering the workforce at a slower rate than current female workforce participation. 

Female workforce participation  
Only 27% stands 23% points lower than the global average. According to the all India survey on higher education shows that more women now go to college than men. And there are many women as there are men in undergraduate science programmes. 

What survey has shown? 
The World Economic Forum and Observer Research Foundation surveyed 770 companies, from micro-sized firms to those employing more than 25,000 workers, across four industries- textiles, banking and financial services, logistic and transportation, and retail- to understand how technology impacts the workforce. 

What is worldwide concern? 
The report takes into consideration worldwide concern that technology adoption may displace human workers, leading to jobless growth.  
Indian scenario 
The main concern in India because of sharp rise in life expectancy and a drop in fertility rate, working age population to 300 million more adults by 2040 would expand. Every year 1.3 million young people enter the working- age population. 
Job displacement driven by technology  
Job scarcity is also a major issue the report says there are overall technology –led job are growing, in spite of that men are disproportionately reaping the benefits. While on the other hand only 11% of companies reported a preference for men. 
Currently a third of the companies had no female employees, 71% have fewer than 10% female workers, and only 2.4 % have half or more females. 
Sector wise female workforce participation 
In retail companies there are no female workforce participation, followed by transport and logistic at 36%. Companies in both sectors also stated that they prefer hiring men than women. 
Less than a quarter of the companies provide maternity leave for permanent employee and ten percent for contract workers. 
Reasons for declining participation of women in employment. 
1- It appears that there are some non-economic, social and cultural factors. Due to the cultural factors, women leave the work to take care of the family. 
2-One big factor is maternity as many women who join the workforce are unable to re-join after having a child. 
3-Government of India in 2017 entitles a woman to 26 weeks of paid maternity leave, this is becoming a big hurdle. Companies are not hiring women as they would come under obligations by giving them extra leave. 
4-Concern about safety and harassment at work site. 
5-When income increases, men allow Indian women to withdraw from the labour force, thereby avoiding the stigma of working. 
6- Indian parents are more concerned about the girl's marriage than educating her or make her self-sufficient 
7- Girls are not able to complete their studies as they are being forced to stay in house and do household work. 

A way ahead 
There is a need to generate education-based jobs, government should make more policies for women participation in workforce. There should be more opportunity for women in the country so that they can get job and take a GDP growth higher. State government or local bodies, should open more creches in town and cities so that women with children can step out and work. The creches will decently open employment opportunities for women. Initiative such as skill India, make in India and new gender-based quotas from corporate boards to the police force can bring a positive change. There is a need to invest in skill training for women participation in workforce.