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Problems in Today's India & Poor ranking in Human Capital Index

Introduction: - Problems in India 
According to several surveys, people who are living in India are happy, the sense of satisfaction despite the fact that jobs are scarce, the air is polluted, the water is unfit for drinking, the roads are in potholes except highways, and about law and order situation is alarming, and mob violence, increasing rapes and other criminal activities just seem to be the new normal for Indian people. 

These issues are visible and are matters of concern, there are a couple if issues that are not so visible but should be of greater concern. 
Read About Health Emergency in India

Education World Wide
The World Bank’s World Development Report which include Human Capital Index (HCI). The report publishes annually. 

The World Development Report 2018 (WDR 2018)—LEARNING to Realize Education’s Promise—is the first ever devoted entirely to education. And the timing is excellent: education has long been critical to human welfare, but it is even more so in a time of rapid economic and social change.  
The 2018 WDR explores four main themes: 1) education’s promise; 2) the need to shine a light on learning; 3) how to make schools work for learners; and 4) how to make systems work for learning. 

The  report has constructed the HCI for 157 countries. It is a measure of “the amount of human capital that a child born today can expect to attain by age 18”. The explanatory more reads: “the index is measured in terms of the productivity of the next generation of workers relative to the benchmark of complete education and full health. 
An economy in which a child born today can expect to achieve complete education full health will score a value of 1 on the index. 
No country has scored 1 because there will always be benchmarks of education and health that countries aim to achieve. 

Singapore - First 
Singapore occupies the first rank with HCI of 0.88. the first 10 countries score over 0.80. Other countries ranking-wise are- Singapore, republic of Korea, Japan, Honk Kong, Finland, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada. Asians can be proud that the first four places are occupied by Asian countries. 

India falls behind in investment in health and education: Lancet study 
India is falling behind its neighbors in terms of health and education of its workforce, which could potentially have long-term negative effects on the economy, a new study published in international medical journal The Lancet stated. 
Extreme Negligence 
The human capital index must be read along with the Global Hunger Index published by Deutsche Welthungerhilfe and concern worldwide. One out of seven children in India is undernourished; two out of five are stunned (low height –for-age); and one out of five is wasted (low weight-for-height. The cause is undernutrition.   
The situation is severe in India. On the one hand there is a mountain of wheat and paddy and on the other, children are not able to get enough food.  
Right to education vastly expanded enrolment of children, not enough attention was paid to the quality of the schools, likewise, Aganwadi and right to security were necessary interventions, but they have failed to provide sufficient food to pregnant and lactating mother and to the children during their first five years. Poor design, faulty implementation and inadequate allocation of funds are the main reasons. 

What Right to Education in India says? 
The right to education Act, 2009 envisages free compulsory elementary education to every child in the age group of 6-14 years. According to constitution of India right to education come under Article 21A. India became one of 135 countries to make education to make education a fundamental right of every children. 

What Right to Food security in India says? 
The national Food security Act 2013 enacted by parliament on September 12. 2013 also called right to food Act which aims to provide subsidized food grains to approximately two thirds of India's 1.2 billion people.   

A way ahead 
Among the remaining 61 countries that have an HCI of 0.50 or lower is India. India's HCI is 0.44 and rank is 115, this kept India in bottom third of the world. Therefore, government needs to make better framework for addressing such problems in both of the sectors that is education and health first. Though government has brought several policies to eradicate various problems like hunger, providing clean water, pollution and others, however all efforts have failed governments policies because of corruption and poor implementations wastes funds. Government should make the whole system strong where corruption has no place, all policies and programmes should be executed at the right place across the country.