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Migration - Understanding it all!

Understanding Migration

Generally crowd finds it irrelevant when one tries to show the connection between poverty, hunger, climate change, and migration. Climate change impacts on rain, resources, food security and which lead to migration - displacement, war, and poverty and hunger crisis. 
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Internal Migration

In layman’s language internal migration can be understood as a migration in internal borders. This migration can be due to various environmental, social, economic and political factors.

In India migration happened often due to agrarian distress which pushed farmers for jobs in states where jobs were available. For example, farmers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh due to less opportunities and growth migrate to other states for labor class jobs and there were problems faced by these migrants. Museum Cum Marine Adventure- Read About INS Viraat

According to Lee migration can be understood better due to two factor- Push factor , and Pull factor. Push factors are the factors which push people away to other regions. For example- Poverty, Fear, Disasters and unemployment can be considered as push factors due to which people migrate and leave the place.

On the other hand, Pull factors are attractive reasons due to which people migrate. For example- if people find safety, opportunities, stability and freedom, they tend to migrate to that region which provides them all.

The Economic Survey 2017 also estimated “interstate migration in India was around 9 million per year from 2011 to 2016.

The Ultimate Reason

In Indian Context, this is understood that people migrated due to employment only. They needed job securities, which are not available in equally in every region. People migrated towards bigger cities, which create unsustainable urbanization.

Difficulties faced by Migrants

In many cases, cultures of resistance to change prevail, in which immigrants may be victims of racial discrimination Or xenophobic comments, by their country or region of origin.

There can be language barriers as every region has different language, and people may feel uncomfortable.

There can be multiculturalism which can sometimes lead to conflicts.

Benefits of the Migrants

Improvement of the quality of life

Most immigrants are looking for an increase in standard living conditions. Living in a crime-free environment, with citizen benefits and social security, is often a common engine for urging people to move from one place to another.

Internal migration has resulted in the increased income of households, especially for people with higher skills, social connections and assets.

Migrants belonging to lower castes and tribes have also brought in enough income to improve the economic condition of their households in rural areas and lift them out of poverty.

Data show that a circular migrant’s earnings account for a higher proportion of household income among the lower castes and tribes. This has helped to improve the creditworthiness of the family members left behind as they can now obtain loans more easily.

New personal and professional experiences

The new stage of life encourages immigrants to get the best of them in the personal and work environment.

Contact with new cultures and expansion of knowledge

Traveling gives you the opportunity to learn about new cultures, gastronomy, means of transport, idioms, traditions, and even overcome language barriers, if this is the case.

Way Forward

There are two types of migrants which are short term migrants and long term migrants. Short term migrants sometimes face problems, so there is a need to recognize that short term migration helps in improving livelihood.

There is a urgent need from private entrepreneurs to consider the importance and need of the migrants.

Government should focus on a national policy on internal migrants where basic facts related to migrants could be considered. For migrants for survival there should be different policy than the migrants for employments.

Smart urbanization is also needed where migrants do not end in uncomfortable slums. Basic urban planning is the need of the hour.