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Kamalnath and his regionalism will threaten the national Unity.

Kamalnath has always been a most famous and known personality in Indian National Congress party. Since Indra and Rajiv Gandhi era, he has been very close to Nehru family too.  

Kamalnath is one of the longest- serving and senior most members of Lok Sabha; he was elected as the president of Madhya Pradesh congress committee in May, 2018 to lead the party in assembly election  of 2018. Congress won 114 out of 230 seats under his leadership. He was elected as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in December 2018. 
Controversies around Kamalnath

After being elected in Madhya Pradesh as Chief Ministry Kamalnath has kicked up a controversy. He announced the scheme providing incentive of investment would only be imposed after 70% people from Madhya Pradesh get employment. 

In his first press conference he said people from states like Bihar and UP come in Madhya Pradesh and local people don’t get jobs. Even he himself was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh
Politicians promote regionalism over the national interest. 
Another controversy happened in later November 2018 when Kamal Nath made 'Religiously - Provoking" statement where he said that It would be huge loss if the congress did not get 90% of Muslim votes and a video circulated about that. BJP took strong exception to the video. And  Announced that it will approach the election commission against the congress leader, which is communalizing the election.

Kamal nath is a senior most politician such statements can create chaos in the country. Being in politics does not mean that to get votes politician has to play hatred among communities by giving communal speech which divide people.  The whole concept of India remains in the diversity in Unity, which is  beautiful in itself. Communal hatred already has cost the humanity a huge price, and he should maintain his respect and most importantly focus on development rather than giving such controversial statements.