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ARIA and It's Impact on The World

Asia Reassurance Initiative Act and impact on India

American president Donald Trump signed into law the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) on 31st december 2018. The act was passed by the U.S parliament on 4th December 2018.

The Act “establishes a multifaceted U.S strategy to increase U.S. security, economic interests, and value in the Indo-pacific region”, according to the white house.

It will also promote the values of democracy, human, rights, and the rule of law as key U.S objective in the indo-pacific.

The ARIA will authorize 1.5$ billion in spending for a range of U.S programs in East and Southeast Asia and develop a long-term strategic vision and a comprehensive and principles United States Policy for the Indo-pacific region and for other purposes.

ARIA and ASEAN Relationship 
Asian Reassurance Initiative Act draws attention to U.S relation with China, India and the Ten members of ASEAN, and northeast Asian Allies Japan and South Korea.
ARIA'S provision for Indo-Pacific region

The ARIA includes multiple provision and largely which supports the trump administration’s own National security strategy and national defense strategy documents. These both documents have identified the Indo-Pacific region as a strategic region of a  priority.

China's response to the Act

One day after passage of Act, Chinese president Xi Jinping reiterated China's longstanding position on Taiwan. Taiwan remains the focus of the ARIA. Xi's statements also followed Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen's speech on new year where he announced a set of four principles for the country.

Regional perspective
North Korea: The act aims to justify the termination of U.S support for any UNSC resolutions sanctioning North Korea or the lifting of any unilateral U.S sanctions on North Korea.

Taiwan: The ARIA encourages the travel of high-level U.S officials to Taiwan, in accordance with the Taiwan Travel Act which was made law in 2018.

South China Sea: ARIA calls on the US to support the ASEAN nations as they adopt a code of conduct in the South China Sea with China.

Maritime Attention
ARIA devotes attention to the maritime issues in Asia and the South China Sea, where it calls on the United States to support the ASEAN nations as they adopt a code of conduct in the South China Sea with China.

The law calls for the president to develop a diplomatic strategy that includes working with United States allies partners to conduct joint maritime training and freedom of navigation operations in the Indo-Pacific region, including the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

Security interests

1-      Establishes a policy goal to peacefully denuclearize North Korea through the campaign of maximum pressure and engagement.

2-     Enhances the U.S diplomatic, economic and security relationship with India.

3-     Reaffirms U.S security commitments to allies in the Indo-pacific, including Japan, South Korea, and Australia and builds security partnership with nations in Southeast Asia.

4-     Enhances U.S freedom of navigation and overflight rights in the indo-pacific.

5-     Promotes robust cybersecurity  cooperation with the allies in the region; and

6-     Sets U.S policy to pursue effective arms control and nuclear nonproliferation policies in the indo-pacific region.

Economic Engagement 
It will promote economic cooperation in the indo-pacific region as an essential part for the growth of the U.S economy and the success of American businesses. It Also authorizes bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations with Indo Pacific nations. It will provide the U.S commercial presence throughout the Indo-Pacific region and promote U.S exports and additional trade facilitation efforts. It will authorize the imposition of penalties on entities and government engaged in the theft of America’s intellectual property and requires a new comprehensive U.S policy to promote energy exports.

Promoting values
It will provide 150$ million annually for 5 years for democracy, rule of law, and civil society support, including 10$ million annually for freedom of information efforts in North Korea. And U.S efforts against trafficking-in-persons and human slavery.

Significance for India
The act reiterates U.S commitment to all bilateral and security agreements between the two countries, including the new framework for the United States- India defense relationship, and the United States-India defense technology and trade initiative.

Nothing that designation of India as a major defense partner, which is unique to India the law states that the designation elevates defense trade and technology cooperation between the United States and India to a level commensurate with the closet allies and partners of the United States.