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Suppressed Indian Women

The parents normally consider sports, music, and arts as a hobby and this is a sad and depressing aspect in Indian parenting. Moreover, the roles are imposed based on gender. 

Over the years women made the world proud in various fields that included where masculinity dominated for years like sports. However, there are some countries on the planet where women have enjoyed freedom but in almost every country there are some aspects which are against women. 
India has a cultural biased against women, and that remains visible at every step.
However, to challenge that patriarchial mindset, there are women like Dutee Chand, who has won 100m gold in world Universidad, created history. Hima Das won five gold medals in 20 days, in various meets across Poland and the Czech Republic, Das competed in four 200m races. She won each and every one of them.
   Credit - laughing colours

 Indian women are shining in the sports field, they got all support from their family. On the other side of India, millions of talented girls don’t get a chance to show their talent.  I have come across the meme provided by laughing colors and the satire was remarkable. 

For centuries women have been told they are inferior and weaker to men, so much that at the point, it has become an expectation rather than a fact that woman is 'incapable' or 'lesser capable'.

Therefore, carving their way out of these complicate web of ideas, female athletes of the country have made their ways and gave inspiration to other women. 
The three most typical professions an Indian parent forces their children into, even if the child is a prodigy in any sport, music or art. The parents simply consider sports, music, and arts as a hobby and this is a sad and depressing aspect in Indian parenting.

The Indian child who aspires to be an athlete, in most cases, often forced to quit on his or her sporting dream.

While our girls like Hima and Dutee Chand brought medals and making history on the contrary, at other side -millions of girls in India are being suppressed by their family due to cultural reasons

Instead of going to school, girls often themselves forced to work in order to help their families, often from a very young age. Thought in the last decade, the situation of women in India has greatly improved, but the still a large number of Indian women’s population are being suppressed by their own family due to cultural and religious reasons.

In some families even after getting education girls are not allowed to choose their career. Strangely parents educate their daughters not for pursuing their careers but for marriage so that they can please groom and his family and after getting married they can raise their children well.

They don’t set their daughters free and let them do what they like, there is still a huge part of the Indian society thinks that if they set their daughters free they will indulge in bad habits and let make them down, while this mind-set of Indian parents are not for boys.

Many Indian parents are overprotective towards their daughters and keep them in the home as if daughters are their property and if they let them get out from home they would get raped or something bad will happen to them. This mental illness ruins women’s lives and makes them feel handicapped until they die.

Girls are being trained since childhood and raised like as it is their duty to serve men, they are being taught that they belong to kitchen and serve food to all-male she knows – father, brother, in-laws, and husband and then their kids all her life.

Girls are being treated like a commodity or some vegetable when it comes to their marriage, STILL, some families in India exhibit their daughters to groom’s family as if they are selling their daughters and people come and goes rejecting them one after another.       
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Can anyone even imagine how a common Indian girl feel? Let’s be a bit empathic and try to get in their shoes

Girls face rejections, body shaming, skin shaming, every day. Who are these people who make them feel this way?  Their enemies live with them who imposes “social” “cultural” and “Religious” rules on them.

Parents can spend lakhs on their daughter’s wedding, not in their career. Sadly every day thousands of girls kill their dream and do what their parents want them to do.

Right and wrong – bad and good

Women are responsible for parents or society’s respect. All the respect good and bad, right and wrong is related to women in India. 

What society will think? What will say? What relatives will say? These are the most common lines parents feed in their daughter’s brain since they enter in teenage.

They are obliged to follow what they have learned no wonder why Indian has lagged behind in women workforce participation.

How great it would have been if every woman would get the opportunity to pursue their career.

Women are weak in Indian typical society they are being considered dumb and indecisive.

Religious and patriarchal norms

Who told women that they are weaker than men? Who told them that they have to manage families and raise children’s or cook food? Obviously religious and patriarchal rules.

 If these rules would have not been written in holy books women could have been far better and doing better than men today. 

They are being told to cover themselves in front of men so that they would not get raped or harassed because your clothes provoke men’s sexual desire.

Social norms are created by whom? GOD?

Hundreds year are witnessed that women are being the victim by social norms, people created norms for power and getting the superior place. Humans are the one who made the rule book and gave responsibilities to what women will have and what men will have.
Actually, the rule is there is no rule, it’s all about human right basic human right which every human gets after being born. Men can do all the work women does and likewise.

The effect of patriarchy, religious laws and social obligations in the social realms hinders a woman's realization of her rights. The stereotypical portraying of women in social customs and morals irrespective of their caste, class and religious background makes women submissive in the male-dominated society.

The fact that ‘woman’ is the most discriminated category — double discrimination — has not been a concern of the makers of the law of the land.

Due to the wide prevalence of the patriarchal social system, a lot of women are still deprived of the right to own ancestral property, which is mostly given to the male child.

Not only India phenomena

While India shows a high degree of gender inequality or gender discrimination, it isn’t the only country where this phenomenon exists. 

In many countries around the world, women are fighting for the right to vote, horrific practices like Female Genital Mutilation and trafficking are highly prevalent in parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America, the former Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe.

Gender-based violence and honor killing are global pandemics, and in some countries, women and girls fail to get even minimum protection against these horrific practices.

Women’s capabilities

Once Brigham Young once said, “you educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation."

The journey does not end on the education, they need freedom as well. At least after educating them to let their dream come true. They are the women of tomorrow. Women are the pillars of the future.

Women are naturally more social and thus more inclined to help those around them. By bringing up their daughter with the right values and education, parents can kick-start the change and create a change- maker.

Women possess qualities like perseverance, a nurturing spirit, empathy, sensitivity which combined with complementary traits like planning and organizing, and conducive to creating more inclusive spaces for people.

With such strengths that women possess, the girls of today are proving themselves equally to boys in every respect. They are distinguishing themselves as achievers in every field, from academic to sport to profession.

They are successfully playing multiple roles in every sphere of life. Their will to develop and help others develop alongside is what can take our society forward. They are meant to be 50% of the population, their voices matter in creating a more equitable community.
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  1. Good job.. really appreciable Ms. Alveera Khan.. 👏👏👏👏

  2. Good job.. really appreciable Ms. Alveera Khan.. 👏👏👏👏