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The Problem with the Healthcare System

Diagnostics are an important part of the health care system that provides the information needed by service providers to make informed decisions about healthcare provision related treatment and management.

An analysis of the price of diagnostic tests across various cities in India that are not only wide differences establishment in the counting average price of diagnostic tests but also the price range is very wide. The data on quality and accreditation of diagnostic establishments in the country is scanty.

Limited affordability and access to quality medical services are among the major challenges contributing to delayed or inappropriate responses to diseases control and patient management.
Unethical practices 
Medical testing centers are indulged in unethical practices. They advertise their center by offering “limited-period promotional scheme” in which 80+ full body tests, including free tests for vitamin D and B, for an all-inclusive price of rupees 999.
They change the scheme offers by time to time just to advertise their centers.
According to the Medical Council of India’s code if Medical Ethics clearly states that these kinds of schemes, offers, and promotional stunts are not allowed. Unfortunately big private hospitals and medical testing centers are constantly promoting their setups through advertisement in all medium.
Directly or indirectly patients are the victim by medical professionals.
What MCI laws and regulations say?
According to the MCI law physician will not give or take or offer any gift, gratuity, commission or bonus in consideration of or return for the referring, recommending or procuring of any patient for medical, surgical or other treatment.
Also, a doctor shall not directly or indirectly participate in be a party to an act of division, transference, assignment, subordination, rebating, splitting or refunding of any fee for medical, surgical or other treatment.
This applies with equal force to the referring, recommending or procuring by a physician or any person, specimen or material for diagnostic purposed or another study/work.
Although a doctor is not bound to treat each and every patient asking for his service, in case if emergency a physician must treat the patient. A physician is free to choose whom he will serve. 
The registered medical practitioners shall not refuse on religious grounds alone to give assistance in or conduct of sterility, birth control, circumcision and medical termination of pregnancy when there is medical indication unless the medical practitioners feel himself/herself incomplete to do so.
The registered medical practitioners should not employ any attendant who is neither registered nor established under the medical acts.
Unnecessary consultation and investigation both radiological and pathological are prohibited by the law.
High Cost of Treatment
Medical treatment costs in India spiraling to a 70% high, and the main factor of such high price in medical treatment is unawareness and ignorance. There is not a single complain against such illegal practice. 

According to research papers published, the morbidities cost per illness episode has inevitably increased in the last decade in India. The increase in life expectancy, demographic change of more aged population, coupled with chronic diseases, will increase the morbidity and health expenditure in the future.
A member of Delhi medical association DR. Anil Bansal says that “it is this helplessness of the consumer that keeps market going”.
Trend of advertisement 
Nowadays advertisement plays an important role in the growth of the business. Many large hospitals/labs/private practitioners promote their profession by giving ads on several social media platform. They promote themselves by doing promotional phone calls and even distribute pamphlets every in city and own. 
Private hospitals are seen advertising about famous doctors or technology or health packages. Doctors and hospitals announcing successful surgeries, procedures, etc, though informative, are also surrogate advertising.
What should be done to curb such illegal and unethical practices?
When any center or doctor is fond of violating the rules, a strict warning should be issued. If he/she does not fall in line, should get a temporary or permanent suspension. In case of violation by labs etc, since they are not registered should be complained about it to the government’s health department to take appropriate actions under the law.
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Recently in Madhya Pradesh medical council issued warning notices to nearly 50 prominent doctors in the city for advertising and promoting their skills. In 2016, Tamil Nadu medical council issues show-cause notices to 40 doctors for putting up advertisements on print, TV and social media.

 Such action should be taken in other parts of the country too. Consumer awareness is also important if anyone sees such practices should complain to the government. And do not pay high fees to such centers without knowing the authentic cost.

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