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World peace under threat!

Iceland's status as the most peaceful country in the world is a position which has been held since 2008, while Afghanistan is ranked the most violent.

The World is in chaos, it has been changing every minute in every perspective. War is already in between countries. Mostly every nation is fighting from one and another for trade, tariffs duty, border walls, place, religion, and for power.

For centuries there has been conflict between tribes, countries and nations. In all of this change where is world peace? Can we say that the world is peaceful, and claim that even with technological advancement we live-in well-behaved civilization?

Stephen hawking said

- If humanity doesn't become a truly spacefaring species in the next five centuries or so, we may well go extinct.

The cosmologist warned that the ever-rising human population and its mounting energy needs, could render the Earth uninhabitable by the year 2600.
These needs will further enhance the conflict and situation of war.

As there will be more conflict on resources. Sustainable consumption has not been practices earlier and even now too, the unsustainable habits of consuming resources hint bad sign

The evidences are visible in satellite data about climate change, and rising temperature, that again will hamper the world peace- the resources will reduce due to change in temperature.
The environment has been evident about the conflict of interest and signalling to human sustainability in terms of catastrophic events. But human tend to ignore it. 

Climate scientists, outdoor enthusiasts, environmentalists, and politicians all have an opinion on state of the world's climate.

The climate is connected to the world peace, and links are evident- climate is just not the climate. In simple terms if the climate impacts on the resources, and economies- it will increase unhappiness and the world will be lesser peaceful.

The ignorance is visible when people reject evidence and argue on agreeing and disagreeing with the claim of climate change. The satellite data showed the climate pattern.

For instance, many of Americans consider climate change is a myth and humans have nothing to with it, and they think humans are not responsible for emitting carbon emission or increasing earth temperature. The opinion and behave of Americans matter as rest of the world consider their footsteps to follow.

However, the fact is that humans are the main reason for screwing the earth, humans are the only species who are changing the climate and destroying nature, Human civilization is the threat for every species.

Glacier are melting, the polar are shrinking and the ocean is becoming acidic. Increasing ocean temperature due to climate change will soon sea reefs shrinking. The great barrier reef off the coast of Australia has slowly been residing.

Due to over population natural resource are over using, Forest has been declining, soil quality becoming poorer. The world is depending on processed food due to high demand of food.

Humans killing Humans

Millions of children's and people are dying over countries' conflict, countries are fighting for their benefits by killing innocent people.

Most recently - More than 400,000 have died because of the Syrian conflict since 2011, according to the world bank, with 5 million seeking refuge abroad and over 6 million displaced internally, according to Un agencies.

By June 2017, the UN also estimated that 540,000 people were still living in besieged areas.

More children die from preventable causes in the aftermath of conflict than during the actual fighting, some of the primary war-related cause of death include starvation, malnutrition, preventable and lack of basic services.

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In today's world every country is facing terrorism attacks, thousands of people have died in recent years by several attacks. Every year deadly attacks occurs in countries and kills innocent people and children.
These extreme ideologies manipulating humans and diverting them from real issue.

Charles Darwin too believed animals such as humans have a natural capacity to feel empathy, behave altruistically and experience a pleasurable and meaningful existence.

Whether or not we express the capacity is influenced by external factors. Cultural change could open us to becoming more peaceful still.

Wrong use of Technology

Technologies play a crucial role in both war and peace. Technology designed for violence, namely weapons, range from handguns to nuclear weapons. Important characteristics of weapons include their destructive power, centralized control, offensive capacity, and ease of use.

Technologies valuable for a peaceful society include those used in agriculture, construction, and Transport. 
Technology have been long used as tools for violence, from clubs and swords to cluster bombs and precision-guided missiles. In a less obvious way, technologies are vital to creating or maintaining peace in a society. 

The human species is distinctive for its tremendous use of tools—another word for technologies.

A few other species make limited use of tools, but for humans it has long been impossible to imagine society without tools, from sticks for knocking fruit from trees to clothing, roads, and electricity. 

Probably from the earliest use of tools, humans have used them for inflicting violence, including rocks and pointed sticks to kill animals and, sometimes, to attack other humans.

Simple tools can be used to inflict horrific violence, and even today some mass killings are carried out largely by machetes. 

Conflict between societies without agriculture often serves to maintain social cohesion, maintaining the in-group against the out-group. Battles are largely ritualistic, with few individuals hurt or killed. The technologies used in such conflicts are largely adapted from those used to hunt animals. 

What Global peace Index says?

New data from Global Peace Index reveals that Iceland remains the most peace country in the world, while Afghanistan is ranked the most violent.

Iceland's status as the most peaceful country in the world is a position which has been held since 2008.

Its crime rate is so incredibly low, with just 18 murders per 100,000 people annually. The Nordic island was followed.

This is the fifth year in a row, these specific countries are in top 4 most peaceful in world.

Least peaceful country, as per GPI 2019 Afghanistan is now ranked as least peaceful country in world.
It has replaced Syria, which is now the 2nd least peaceful. Other least peaceful countries include South Sudan, Yemen, and Iraq.

Countries with highest risk of multiple climate hazards: includes China, japan, India, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

USA, China, Japan, India, Russia and Saudi Arabia these are the countries with largest total military expenditure.

In South Asia, Bhutan topped the index in South Asia with 15th rank. Other countries of region include Sri Lanka 72, Nepal 76 and Bangladesh 101.

The neighbouring country Pakistan is ranked 153rd on index.

Both India and Pakistan had highest rating are five in the score for internal conflicts fought. Only deaths from internal conflict showed improvement, with fewer fatalities in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India than the year before.

The report observed that China, India and Bangladesh score in bottom half of GPI and have significant exposure to climate hazards, with over 393 million in high climate hazard areas.

The Global Peace in 2019

The GPI 2019 report includes new research on possible effects of climate change on peace. It also revealed that since 2008 global peacefulness has deteriorated by 3.78%.
As per the index findings, although global peacefulness improved for first time in past five years but world now remains less peaceful than a decade ago.

The state sponsored terror has declined significantly over the last decade, with 62 countries improving their scores and only 42 deteriorated but imprisonment data shows the opposite trend with 95 countries increasing the imprisonment rate compared to 65 that improved.

The score of South Asia for every indicator in ongoing conflict is less peaceful than total global average, with four out is six deteriorating in 2018 itself.

What is Global Peace Index

Global peace Index, it was founded by Steve Killelea, an Australian technology entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The report covers 99.7 of world's population. It uses 23 quantitative and qualitative indicators from highly respected source to compile the index.
Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), and Australian think tank ranks countries accoridng to their level of peacefulness. This is based on three thematic domains-
1 - level of societal and security
2- extent of ongoing domestic and international conflict.
3- degree militarisation.

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