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Indian healthcare system collapsed - Know Why?

 India has been facing a massive surge in Covid cases since the middle of April 2021, the pandemic crisis in India seems to become out of control. According to the official data, around 350,000 cases are being confirmed every day since April. 

However, due to the country's dense population, it's tough to gather the exact number of active cases and death ratio. India's big cities are being badly affected by the covid-19 rapid cases.  

India has seen a shortage of Oxygen, beds, and medicines.  thousands of people are dying every day due to the flawed healthcare system of India since mid April 2020. The Indian government has failed in every aspect.  

Hundreds of infected people left untreated and forced to wait outside hospitals for admission. The condition of the patients is so critical that they die before receiving any medical treatment. 

The condition of the government and private hospitals in several states is so worse that beds in the hospital are full. Municipal and state government authorities seem to have abdicated their role; social  NGO'S and religious organizations have  open their buildings to be used as COVID-19  facility care centers. 

Crematoriums and graveyards, too, are working round the clock with bodies coming in for cremation or burial in numbers that they cannot manage. 

India's health system has collapsed under the weight of Covid. An emergency has been arising. In February, India was considered a Covid-19 success story, with experts hypothesizing that declining infections might be due to India's warm climate, young population, and dense population. In contrast, some speculated might have given residents a form of natural immunity. 

Unfortunately, those hypotheses fell apart in recent weeks. The deadly second wave hit severely in India. In 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi instituted a national lockdown of India's more than 1.3 billion people, consequently facing economic crises, mainly migrants and daily wagers. 

India has been the most prominent vaccine and medicine supplier. Due to the lack of preparation, India is struggling to ramp its own vaccination program. According to Our World in Data, less than 2% of the population is fully vaccinated against the virus. 

Why are cases so high in India? 

Covid cases surged during the second wave by several factors. Health protocols have been neglected, people have been ignoring the warning of the  government and stopped wearing mask.

Millions of devotees attended a Hindu festival, the Kumbh Mela, which culminated ten days ago with a mass dip in the River Ganga. New strains of the virus have emerged and erupted rapidly, including a "double mutant" strain. 

Huge crisis of Oxygen 

There is no oxygen in many oxygen points. People are coming with their  own oxygen cyliners or without Oxygen. All telephone lines have been jammed. People are continuously calling the helpline. There is a big rush outside the hospital; there are ambulance parked, patients wanting to get deboarded, but the problem is, there is no space. 


The issue with the public healthcare system in India 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. India has undertaken several initiatives in the past fear years to improve the public health care system, which should not only shield the nation from any health emergency but also create a healthy, prosperous and wholesome environment for its citizens. 

India is aiming to become a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024-25. Its demographic dividend shall peak around 2041; a healthy workforce will play the most vital role in shaping the future.  

Inefficient and inadequate investment in public health has been a leading cause of worry. It has struck a dismal 1.15% in the past decade, inhibiting any modernization and expansion required to protect the masses from any public health emergency. 

The Indian healthcare system, being predominantly captured by the private sector, has raised the out-of-pocket expenses, thereby making them affordable for the masses, especially for those living at the lower rung of the income distribution. 

Supply-side deficiencies in poor health management skills and lack of appropriate training have prevented delivering good quality healthcare. 

India's lack of focus on online medical services such as telemedicine and real consultancy has also been a significant hindrance, especially during the lockdown phase. 

Due to a high number of covid cases, India will require around twice the number of doctors, triple the number of nurses, and quadruple the number of paramedic and support staff. India is far behind the WHO benchmark (1doctor/1000) and currently has about 0.65 doctors and 1.3 nurses per 1,000 people. 

Nonavailability and price rise of drugs due to shortage is also a rising concern in India. A severely constrained health workforce with poor delivery management for health care is also a bottleneck of the Indian healthcare system. 

Insufficient expenditure – compared to more developed cases like the US and France spending 16 and 11% of GDP on healthcare, India spends 3% on GDP for a massive population of 135 crores.  

Poor implementation- involvement of private lobbies, high-cost medical education, corruption in health care schemes, inadequate implementation measures and over expenditure in salary increments, political issues, etc. 

Indian government focuses more on making statues, religious institutes. It spends millions on political rallies and advertisements rather than focusing on the health sector.  


As per the current state, the Indian government urgently needs to handle this uncontrollable situation of India. People are dying due to a lack of proper medical supplies. The pandemic has resulted in multiple challenges for India. Central and states government need to take adequate measures to tackle the current situation of the country. Strict guidelines and more supplies are required to save people's lives. Medical interns should be hired or allowed to fight with the new Covid wave. A rapid vaccination program is needed to be done. Government should consider opening vaccination booths in every government and private schools and colleges in every state and district. Prominent places like sport stadiums or playgrounds should be used for Covid facilities.

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