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A Hotter Future is Coming - Climate Panel Warns

 World countries have already delayed curbing their fossil-fuel carbon emissions now that they cannot stop global warming from escalating over the coming next 30 years.

However, there is still a short period to stop the most horrifying future we will see, a latest United Nations Scientific report has concluded.

Some destructive impacts of global warming are now inescapable; the human population has heated the planet earth by burning coal, oil, and gas for energy since the 19th century. Consequently, the earth's temperature reached 1.1 degrees Celsius.

 The impact of the emission can be seen and felt across the globe. In 2021 the summer alone brings the deadly storms, rain, and the heat waves that have killed hundreds of people in the USA and Canada; 

significant floods have devastated many areas in Germany and China; many countries like Siberia, Turkey, Greece, and India have seen deadly wildfires.

The report raised the alarming situation of carbon emission by the climate change panel of the United Nations. The concern they showed was that even the nations started cutting emissions sharply today, global warming is likely to rise around 1.5 degrees Celsius within the next two decades. Humans should be prepared for a hotter future.

The global warming dangers grow considerably at 1.5 degrees, nearly about 1 billion people globally could see more humid and hot life-threatening heat waves in coming years. The reports stated hundreds of millions more would face a severe struggle for water because of droughts. 

Many species of animals and plants will vanish from the planet that is alive today, coral reefs that sustain fisheries for large swaths of the earth will suffer more severely.

The new reports clearly state, undoubtedly, that humans are responsible for global warming. The reason why global average temperature has been rising since the 19th century has been driven by countries burning fossil fuels, cutting down the large areas of forests, and burdening the atmosphere with greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide that trap extreme heat into the environment.

 According to the climate scientist Piers Fosters of the University of Leeds., There is a high possibility of jumping in extreme weather conditions over the next 20 or 30 years. Things are, unfortunately, getting worse than they are today.

The ten biggest emitters of greenhouse gases globally are China, the United States, the European Union, India, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Ireland, and Canada.

According to the report, the frequent fluctuations in climate to date have little parallel in human history; the world's essential glaciers are drastically melting at a rate unprecedented in at least the last 2,000 years.

Notably, the atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide have not been this high in at least 2 million years.

Not only land but the ocean level has risen 8 inches on average over the past century, and the level increase has doubled since 2006.

If we talk about heat waves, it has become significantly hotter since 1950 and lasts longer in much of the world. Wildfires are happening very frequently and killing animals and other species, bursts of extreme heat in the ocean that can significantly kill fish, seabirds, and coral reefs --- have doubled in frequency since the 1980s.

Frequent cyclones have likely become more severe and devastating over the past 40 years.

Scientists are showing concern about the rise in sea level. At 1.5 degrees of warming, sea levels are more likely to rise another 1 to 2 feet this century, constantly overwhelming many coastal cities with floods that in the past would have occurred just once in a century, however, if the temperature keeps on rising, there is a high risk that massive sheet in Antarctica and Greenland could damage in unprecedented ways.

And they are significantly adding another three feet of Sea-level rise in this century.


Every devastating catastrophic event relates to global warming. Experts and scientists have been warning for the past few years and showing concern about the imminent threat; experts have estimated that current policies pursued by the world government will put the planet on track roughly 3 degrees Celsius of warming by the end of the century. 

There is still a ray of hope, and humanity can still stop the planet from getting more hotter; strong coordination efforts among every country are needed to stop adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by around 2050; it will potentially put a halt and level off at approximately 1.5 degree Celsius.

However, if the nations fail in that effort, the global average temperature will keep rising, and the human era will witness passing 2, 3, or even 4 degrees Celsius in the future. The reports explained how every minor additional degree of warming brings more significant risks of crossing at a dangerous point.

There's a very urgent need to relook and update the Paris climate change agreement policies, tighten up the rule for every country, and ramped up the pressure on the governments to curb the emission for the sake of humanity.

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