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Advertise with us!

If you looking for budget-friendly advertisement package for your product, you are in the right place. Team Seeker's thoughts has been working in the digital industry for years, and we are glad that we have a constant audience.

The fees for the advertisement of digital giants are quite higher, and promoting your product on a daily basis can create a hassle for you. So, why not give us a chance of collaborating? 

If you are a start-up that is climate-friendly, or in the field of education, you are at the right place. We provide huge discounts for such companies/organizations and individuals. 

Why should you advertise with us?

Seeker's Thoughts is a leading blog that has a global presence, even though the main readers are from India.

The Target Audience

Seeker's Thoughts publishes articles on the blog has a Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter account (recently made), mix, and Reddit. 

We can help you in reaching thousands of 'target' customers and that depends upon the budget. 

There are different packages for the product, and we publish your advertisement- video/ audio in between of our article, or any other space on your website you chose for your advertisement. However, prices vary. 

Our Services 
We offer advertisement space on our website and in our magazine.  We also provide reviews and other promotional services related to the digital platform. 

Don't hesitate - Reach us.  

Or email us at  

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