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About Us!

Seeker's Thoughts (www.seekersthoughts.com) is a leading blog which provides valuable and convenient topics related to social issues and current affairs.  

The blog has been created with the intention of helping people, students, aspirants and public about 'what is going on' in the world. 

People can read facts yet to be wise, the mind needs the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right. Wise is someone who uses good judgment, has common sense or is well informed. Once the degrees/ colleges are over, we tend to stick to the information we are taught and forget what is to unlearn and relearn. 

Seeker’s Thoughts intend to help people with the right content, facts and critical issues of the nation and the world. 

Seeker's thoughts has been founded by Namrata Chauhan (MBA- Human Resource and Information Technology), who has worked for the industry for 5 years as Human Resource Manage. She has experience of the market and events which are going to impact on the future of Human Capital- that is our youth today. 

And, Co-founded by Alveera Khan - M.A in Sociology, blogger, writer and a social worker for the purpose of educating the mass without a political narrative and polarization where the truth stands as a simple truth. 

Namrata Chauhan
Alveera Khan

As responsible earthlings- the emotion of giving back ‘dominated the mind’ and curiosity kept the leaning alive. Therefore, the idea of Seeker's thoughts took birth and in the span of just six months has won many hearts on social networking sites like Facebook and the number changes every day.

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"Our aim is to take away the ignorance and helping the world to go towards- wisdom."

- Thank you

Team Seeker