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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Rohingya Muslims : An Ethenic Cleansing

Rohingya Muslim’s issue has been a lot in news where Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi was criticised heavily for her silence in international media. To understand deeply about the issue, first have an understanding about the Rohingya People.

Who are Rohingya People?

Rohingya people are people from Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Internationally Rohingya seems synonym of being Muslim, while Rohingya people have three religious background. The majority of population belong to the Muslims. Hindus, and Buddhist are in Minorities. The crisis is causing worries in the other communities as well to flee and save their lives as due to recent violent incidents. Some militants of Rohingya communities are firing bullets at Hindus and Buddhist. This fact also can not be denied. 

International Criticism Vs. Myanmar’s Government

International Media has some satellite images of villages being burnt where Rohingya Muslims resides. There were some viral videos of Myanmar’s army beating Rohingya Muslims. However when asked from the Myanmar’s Government, the government responded that they there had been acts of terrorism in the country like attacking on Police stations.

Government is still on the way of registering the population of Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi responded that there were certain fake photos in circulation so were the fake news.   

What is the issue?

There are multiple issues related to the violence-

1-      Religious extremism

2-      Political Transition

3-      Military Control

4-      Internal Problems

5-      As international media states- Aung San Suu kyi’s silence.

1.       Religious Extremism- People are scared to speak when it comes to religious extremism. The truth is sometimes not spoken because it may offend a major portion of crowd. However considering one person superior and other community as a villain has been a habit of society.

2.       Political Transition- Myanmar is an infant democracy. It has been under army rules for decades.. New country faces various challenges and political stability takes its time in evolution.

3.       Military Control - Due to political efforts, the hard won partial democracy has arrived in which military fills 25% place of the Parliament as well as it controls the matter such as defence and communication.

4.       Internal Problems- The country has problems like electricity supply, infrastructure and other facilities. These may be reason the government to be stuck in such issue while Rohingya issue stays at arm’s length.

5.       Silence of Aung San Su Kyi- She has been an advocate of human rights. She played a major role in Myanmar’s Politics and played a crucial role in turning Myanmar democracy. Her silence about Rohingya issue has been criticised widely.

Conclusion- Criticising Aung San Suu Kyi does not lead to any solution. Though, no doubt it had been appreciated if she had spoken loud about it.  However, it is human nature that sometimes leaders also get silent about certain things. The major emphasize should be on the restricting the Army from creating such havocs. As well as helping the government in handling issues like terrorism.

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