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Dams: A threat to Environment Or Beneficial

The enthusiasm for large dams is resurfacing, driven by a powerful international lobby presenting them as a significant solution to climate change. Dams are sought as a solution for water storage, providing irrigation in draught affected areas as well.  Worldwide Countries like US, China and India are constantly increasing their dams and capacity. Download free Android App
However, dams have huge negative environmental effects which are given below-
Disadvantages of Dams-
-      Hindrance to continuous flow of water- There is a lot of importance of constantly flowing water in sustainable use of water. Dams hamper the speed of water which causes troubles in water ecosystem in different ways. 
-      Lead to depression in Ground water level- 
-      Restrict the moment of aquatic animals and nutrients- Dams naturally hinder the path of aquatic animals and somewhere threatens the aquatic lives. The Nutrients flow also gets hamper due to dams which is also not good for environment.  
-      Possibilities of mishaps are higher in higher dams- The larger Dam has more possibilities of effecting lives. More than millions of people are always effected when water rises above the mentioned lines. 
-      Storage capacity of river reduced by 75 % due to problem of silting

Solution- Sub Surface Dams or Coastal Reservoir may have their advantages. Sub Surface dams are more beneficial due to following reasons-

-      No siltation

-      Less Disastrous

-      Recharging ground water

-      No evaporation

SO, the Warnings of leading environmentalist should be considered while dealing with the challenging situation of climate change. A proper analyses and guidance should be considered while working with intentions.