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Social Media: The Rising trends

Introduction: Social media made the world smaller, where connectivity lies in finger tip. No matter how great the innovation is, there remains a darker side of everything. Social Media also does not remain untouched with the dark side. DOWNLOAD OUR ANDROID APP
Positive side of Social Media- Social media made the world smaller, there are reasons for popularity-
1- Connected world- People feel connected to their loved ones more, and information is accessible. Distances do not matter.
2- Similar Voices- No matter how much misfit one is, the social media gives you a chance to find more like minded people.
3- Opportunities- for finding opportunities also the social media platform has been used.
4- Raising Issues- the world is more connected, so any issue gets more emphasize than it has been in normal times.

Negative Side of Social Media- The negativity does not remain untouched from social media too, there are some side effects it has created-
a-  Communication Barrier- Where at one side it made people feel more connected, but visually people do not want to interact with one another. Social media increased the divorce rate according to some researches.
b- Manipulating the events- Social Media has been a tool for manipulating the event and without verifying the evidence, a huge part of the crowd get indulged into such incidents.
c- Usage of Unlawful Activities- Social Media has been a great source for recruiting terrorists for anti humanity groups like - ISIS. They brainwash youth and recruit them.
d- Human Rights Violation - Repeated incidents of human rights violations have occurred, specially right to privacy does not exist any long in the world of social media.
e- Social disintegration- The basic thread of communication is reducing. Hateful propaganda is used, which should have been a secret in vicious minds. It gets to the social media and gather supporters.
f- Leading depression- This has come in to news recently that Social Media caused a depression among people as people often feel neglected and left out in social media. Human is a social animal, rejection in virtual world is often not handled by the youth.

Conclusion - Social media has its pros and cons, parents should be aware of the dark side of social media. Schools should start awareness campaign and promote physical activities. Some regulatory measures should be taken from the Governments side as well.

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