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Acid in Water

Introduction- Water is essential for the survival of species. While entire planet faces natural and man made disaster, the problem related to water also comes on the surface. 
One among the most problems associated with global warming, the acidification of water remains on top. Green house gases- specially Carbon Di Oxide or CO2 is one among the major source of Ocean acidification.Download free Android App

Reasons for Acidification of Water- There are various reasons which can't be ignored when it comes to the water acidification. Those reasons are given below---
1- High Concentration of CO2-  Ocean sink 30 percent of total Carbon Di Oxide into nature, which means the more CO2 will lead to more acidification of the Oceanic Body. 
2- Burning of fossil fuels- Various Industries still are surviving on Fossil fuels alone, and the clean energy sources are not available to run the entire world. 
3- Cement manufacturing - Cement Manufacturing also causes for Pollution.
4- Chemical reactions causing high concentration of hydrogen ions
5- Decrease in carbonate ions
6- Loss of biodiversity
7- Production alterations of biogas
8- Lack of environmentally friendly laws and regulations

Causes of freshwater bodies acidification are:
Acid rain.
Buffer solution: The soil usually has substances that ensure that the pH is neutral and that the acid will be removed. The Buffer solution. If the buffer solution is finished then the soil will become acid. This may cause toxic chemicals or nitrate to be released. The rain will cause the nitrate or the toxic chemicals to rinse out the surface water or ground water, causing them to contaminate water.
Land-use changes: Livestock introduction into the catchment.
Use of nitrogen fertilizer. Increased efficiency of drainage. Dry deposition of air pollutants. Wet
deposition of sulphuric and nitric acids.
It will be a combination of the above factors that will lead to freshwater acidification.

Measures needed are: Some countries try de-acidification of the lakes by adding a suspension of calcium carbonate.
It is also possible to stop the environmental acidification by reducing the use of SO2 (Sulfur dioxide), NOx and NH3 (Ammonia). Lowering the use of these substances is done by using low-Sulphur fuel, or flue gas desulphurization.
Ratification of legislations that can ensure that the waste handling, among other pollution-risk activities are controlled. Such regulations would spread to the fisheries department to ensure that safety is maintained in food consumption.
Civil Education- Governments and international organizations can come up with some platforms where they educate or sensitize the common citizens on the risks posed by the climate change and ocean acidification. Such initiatives can instill some self triggered discipline that acts as guidance for the quest to environmental conservation.