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Hothouse- The Earth won't be inhabitable for human settlement.

The problem and The Climate- Human emission of greenhouse gases ( gases which trap energy and responsible for heat) is not the sole determinant of temperature on earth.  Volcanic Eruption and other natural phenomenon are also responsible for the change in Climate.

More Threatened with the Report- The Earth Turning into Hothouse- 
The report named as  –“ Trajectories of the Earth System in Anthropocene” published that the “Hothouse” temperatures could stabilize 4 degree Celsius to 5 degree Celsius higher than pre Industrial level.  At present the Earth has 1 degree Celsius above temperature than pre industrial level. It means that the Earth has 14 Degree Celsius Temperature. 
 Scientists have warned that if global temperature rise more than 2 Degree Celsius above Pre- Industrial Levels, It will lead to hot house conditions, higher sea levels and making earth inhabitable.

What is Feedbacks?
This 2 Degree rise in the earth's temperature may trigger other Earth system process, often called ‘feedbacks’ that can drive further warming- Even if we stop emitting greenhouse gas.

What will happen to Earth?

wildlife fire increases due to climate change

Hotter temperature melts down glaciers and which further increases Oceans. This will certainly threaten the inhabitants of shore land, coastal areas.
If the point of no return is crossed – it will create much higher level of earth temperature than the past.

Consequences also include that Northern Hemisphere struggles with deadly heatwaves and raging wildfires which most scientists attribute to a man made change.
There will be a loss of methane hydrates from Oceanic floor; weaker land and Ocean Carbon sink; Loss of Arctic Summer Sea ice and the reduction of Antarctic Sea Ice and polar ice, which are reserves of fresh water.

Solutions- Maximizing the chances of avoiding ‘Hothouse’ state requires more than just reducing greenhouse gas emission. The Improved Forest cover, agriculture and soil management, biodiversity conservation and technologies that remove carbon di oxide from atmosphere and store it underground should be focused area to work. People must change their lifestyle to be better stewards of the Earth. Fossil fuels must be replaces with low or zero emission energy sources.  
Probability to Survive- Hothouse earth is likely to be uncontrollable and dangerous to human habitations. Rivers will flow; storms would wreak havoc on coastal communities. And coral reefs would be eliminated. The curbing on Green House Gases will not work alone. There are chances that even if human does something to prevent such situation,- it may or may not work. The problem is with the slumbering attitude of the communities. To protect environment each and every individual has to contribute, including - governments, NGOS etc. 
Even if humans made positive changes yet it is not confirmed that hothouse conditions can be stopped.

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